Verizon says they’re now officially on board with Samsung Pay, will update compatible Galaxy devices


It was barely last week Samsung Pay officially went live here in the US. Although a handful of banks and major carriers joined were quick to voice their support of the new form of mobile payments (it works with both NFC “tap-to-pay” terminals and traditional magnetic stripe readers), one carrier was strangely absent: Verizon.

To be fair, Verizon did mention a few weeks prior to Samsung Pay going live that they were still evaluating it and would keep us posted. Here we are just a little over a week later, and Verizon has now officially announced on Twitter that they’ll eventually be pushing out an update over their network to enable the service on Samsung’s 2015 flagships. Those devices include the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

They didn’t give exact timing on when we could expect an over-the-air update to rollout, only mentioning that it’d arrive sometime in the future, but we’ll keep an eye out.


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