Oct 6th, 2015

Android Platform Versions October 2015

While many of you already have your sights set on Android 6.0 Marshmallow — which began rolling out to Nexus devices yesterday — Google has officially updated their Android Distribution numbers for the month of October. A sort of progress report (for us anyway), these numbers show active Android devices that have recently pinged the Google Play Store and their current platform version.

We’re a month away from Lollipop’s year anniversary after hitting AOSP last November. You’d think it would have made better progress, but we’re only now seeing it run on only 23.5% of current active Android devices. That’s not the best number, but given all the problems plaguing Lollipop since its inception, we think many of you are probably better off.

Other stats show KitKat still leading at 38% and Jelly Bean taking 2nd place at 30.2%. Marshmallow? It’s not even on the list right now, but we have a feeling it wont even amount to a drop in the bucket once it’s officially added to the stats next month (or possibly the month after that). You can check out last month’s numbers here.

[Android Developers]

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