Google to announce second-generation Chromecast this month [RUMOR]


Two Nexus phones not enough for you? Well try this on for size: Google might also have a new Chromecast to show off at their September 29th event later this month.

new 2nd gen chromecastThe word comes from 9to5Goog, who claims to have been made privy to the plans via an internal document. The updated Chromecast is supposed to have an updated look which you can see in the ultra blurry photo above.

It’s possible that this is the device we saw pass the FCC not long ago. We thought that device might be a new Nexus Player, but it was later revealed that the Ethernet and USB ports listed for that device were listed as testing components, which doesn’t necessarily mean they’re part of the device itself. That would also explain why there’s a circular FCC logo.

Internally, the device is said to be getting faster WiFi, which probably means we can expect WiFi AC as Google has been stressing the importance of fast WiFi in various products as of late. As far as new features go, it’s said we’ll be getting a new “feed” that’ll likely show the latest content and recommendations when you start your Chromecast up, as well as “Fast Play” which should make it much easier to connect to a Chromecast unit (even though it’s already ridiculously easy).

One little nugget of surprise expected to come from the event is a Spotify announcement. To date, it’s been one of the biggest music apps which doesn’t support Chromecast, but that is expected to change. Google will also look to launch this in more countries initially this go-round, with over 10 countries slated to get it from the start.

Oh, and one more thing: Chromecast Audio. It appears this will be a feature that’ll let you plug your Chromecast directly into any standard audio player with a 3.5mm headphone jack to play your tunes without needing to be hooked up to a TV. We’re not sure exactly how this would work just yet, but we’re certainly eager to hear more. September 29th is only less than 2 weeks away so it won’t be long before Google clears it all up themselves.

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