Android Wear about to get speaker support? New Huawei Watch appears to have one


Our friends at Android Police were crazy enough to do what we aren’t: dismantle a brand new Huawei Watch. But good thing they did, because it revealed a very interesting piece of hardware that could be a sign of things to come in Android Wear watches.

It’s a speaker. Might not sound like much in the way of innovation, but to date there is no known Android Wear watch which supports external audio, as most music and sound has to be played through a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

huawei watch teardown

So why does the Huawei Watch have one? We’re not sure. Our immediate guess is Google is getting ready to introduce support for speakers in Android Wear watches. It might not sound like a totally useful feature at first, but imagine getting audible feedback when flipping through UI elements, or getting audible notifications instead of relying on feeling vibration. Or simply making a James Bond-like phone call by talking to your wrist.

All of it would be possible with a speaker, and it would be glorious. But there’s a possibility Huawei simply included the speaker to future-proof the Huawei Watch for possible future updates. In fact, their official statement on the matter says that quite clearly:

The Huawei Watch is first and foremost a watch, with the added benefit of many smart features and functions. One of the keystones of watches is longevity. We designed the Huawei Watch with this in mind. This forward looking design and component selection is just one of the many ways that the Huawei Watch is timelessly designed and smart within.

Loose confirmation of a forthcoming announcement or simply a genuine gesture of ensuring a future-proofed smart watch? Tough to say on that alone, but we’re not sure Huawei would have gone through the trouble of including a speaker in their first ever Android Wear smart watch if there was no good reason to do so.

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