Amazon to launch $50 Android Tablet this fall [RUMOR]


Amazon has a penchant for pushing product prices way down to levels that competitors can’t match, allowing them to drive great volume in an attempt to corner markets. That model hasn’t exactly been successful when it comes to Android as they recently discontinued the Amazon Fire Phone. Nevertheless the company is forging ahead with its Android tablets and rumor has it they’ll be launching a ridiculously low priced Android Tablet for only $50 this holiday season.

They already sell some outrageously affordable Android Tablets under their Amazon Fire brand:

The rumored $50 tablet is said to have a 6-inch screen, which may mean the current Amazon Fire HD 6 simply becomes $50. Either way, I’m not fully convinced a 6-inch device should even be considered a tablet.

Take a look at the existing Amazon Fire Tablet specs and let us know where you would happily make concessions to keep the device at $50 or under. What specs would you sacrifice? For such a low price, what would you be willing to deal with?


[Via WSJ]


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