Pre-orders for LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus rumored to start October 13th [RUMOR]


The rumor mill keeps churning in regards to the latest Nexus devices, this time in regards to the the availability of the LG Nexus and Huawei Nexus. Both devices are rumored for announcement on September 29th and now TalkAndroid is suggesting pre-orders will come on October 13th.

Caution: I’d be extremely hesitant to believe this rumor. Given that TalkAndroid is “breaking” the news from their “source”, yet they accidentally use a photo of the first Nexus 5 instead of one of the many actual photos from recent leaks seems suspicious, sloppy, or both.

Here is the photo used in the article:


Here is the most recent leaked photo of the device’s rear:


Given the historical announcement and availability schedule for Nexus devices, the rumor is believable, but we’re it seems like less of an inside source and more of a formulaic guesstimation.

  • Nexus One: December 12, 2009 (confirmed); January 5, 2010 (released)
  • Nexus S: December 6, 2010 (announced); December 16, 2010 (released)
  • Galaxy Nexus: October 19, 2011 (announced); November 17, 2011 (released)
  • Nexus 4: October 29, 2012 (announced); November 13, 2012 (released)
  • Nexus 5: October 31, 2013 (announced, pre-ordering started)
  • Nexus 6: October 15, 2014 (announced); October 29, 2014 (pre-ordering started)

Either way, October 13th seems like a reasonable possibility, so perhaps it’s time to make sure you get your finances in order. When September 29th rolls around and you start throwing “TAKE MY MONEY” at the screen, you’ll only have 2 weeks to make good on that request.

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