Motorola DROID Turbo 2 (Bounce) could launch as Moto X Force outside the US


Motorola Moto X Force Bounce

The world of Android devices is a fast one. With the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition and the new Moto 360 (2015) now officially available for pre-order, we’re already turning our sights toward Motorola’s next great smartphone. It’s still a bit of a mystery, but you may remember not too long ago we told you guys about Motorola’s plans to launch a followup to last year’s DROID Turbo this year as the Motorola DROID Turbo 2.

Not too long after that, @Upleaks revealed a few key specs from a phone he was calling the Motorola Bounce. The phone sounded like the dream phone we wish the Moto X Pure Edition could have been (same was said of last year’s DROID Turbo vs Moto X 2nd Gen) with a 5.43-inch 2K shatterproof display and large 3,760mAh battery with wireless charging. Our source already confirmed that “Bounce” was only an internal codename for the phone but late last night, Mr. @Upleaks confirmed it.

In a new tweet, he revealed not only a new press render of the phone, but the real name of the Bounce: the Motorola Moto X Force. So, why not the DROID Turbo 2? We believe that’s because Moto X Force is the name Motorola will use for the international model, with Verizon picking up exclusive rights to the phone in the US (after rebranding it the DROID Turbo 2, of course). We a similar situation last year with the original DROID Turbo which was offered in other markets as the Motorola Moto Maxx outside the US.

While the phone appears to share a close resemblance to that of the Moto X Play (launching in the US as the DROID Maxx 2 for Verizon), we’re hearing the DROID Turbo 2/Moto X Force will have another neat trick up its sleeve outside of the unbreakable display, but more on that later. Before we leave, we would like to point the absence of the usual Moto speaker grill along the bottom, replaced by an interesting sensor arrangement not found on the Moto X Pure Edition /Style (these are much more elongated). Odd.

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