Trouble buying the new Moto X or 360? It’s not just you [UPDATE]


Motorola Moto X Pure Edition new 360

UPDATE: Annnnnnnd… it’s back. Head on over to Motorola to buy the Moto X Pure Edition here, or the new Moto 360 here.

If you’re having trouble successfully ordering one (or both) of Motorola’s latest devices — the Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 (2015) — don’t worry, it’s not just you. It appears Motorola is having technical troubles urging prospective buyers on Twitter to wait while they “sort out technical difficulties.”

The site appears to be running fine, with the ability to choose all the options and add them to your cart. It’s during the actual checkout process that the site never processes the order, instead sending you into a loop and bringing you back to the address selection.

Although frustrating for would-be Moto X and/or 360 customers, this could be a good sign for Motorola who’s site could be getting pounded as a result of too many people rushing to pre-order. Of course, if you were really looking to buy a Moto 360 and didn’t care so much about customizing it, the standard black on black and silver on brown models are also available on the Google Store.

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