LG G4 Note trademark strengthens rumors of a forthcoming Galaxy Note competitor


There’s been talk of an LG G4 Note before, but the rumors have gone a bit quiet as of late. Is LG even still working on it? Only they know for sure, but a new trademark filing suggests they’re ready to go through with those plans.

g4 note trademark 1

The company has trademarked “G4 Note” at the USPTO and even had a nice logo to go along with it. A trademark doesn’t tell us much of anything on its own, but we can assume this thing will at least be a phablet and use some sort of stylus.

That much was already confirmed in an earlier leak. The pen in that particular prototype was slotted into the top of the phone, which is different from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which goes in through the bottom. How’s that for differentiation?

LG G4 Note stylus leak

The stylus shown in that leak was a bit uninspiring. It doesn’t look like anything that you can’t get on Amazon. The reason the S-Pen is so good is because it uses digitizers and pressure sensitivity to simulate an actual ink pen. We’d hope LG has been spending all this time to make something that can come close to the Galaxy Note’s level of functionality, but considering Samsung owns a decent chunk of the world’s leading stylus digitizer company we can’t say it’s an easy task.

LG has confirmed that they have another flagship set to launch before the year expires, and there’s a good chance this could be exactly what they’re talking about. Will you be holding out to see if they can do the Note better than Samsung?

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