Is Google working on a Nexus 8 tablet?


After hearing rumors that Google is opting to skip on a Nexus tablet this year, it’d be quite the surprise to learn that they actually have an 8-inch variant in the works. That’s what one supposed leak suggests, though there’s decent reason to take this one with a huge grain of salt.

nexus 8 tablet 1

The device you see in the photos above and below is said to be a Nexus 8. This Geekbench shot also seems to say that much:

nexus 8 tablet 3

That doesn’t mean it’s a Nexus 8.

For starters, Geekbench screenshots can easily be faked. I can make a Geekbench screenshot show “Apple’s First Ever Android Phone” if I wanted. All it takes is a simple build.prop edit, which doesn’t take much more than a few seconds to do on a rooted phone.

Furthermore, we highly doubt Colorfly — a small EU tablet maker you’ve probably never heard of — has been tapped to make the next Nexus tablet. We’d also find it hard to believe that one of the major manufacturers decided Colorfly has suddenly become the go-to supplier of motherboards.

nexus 8 tablet 2

And the hardware looks real, sure, but it’s just that — hardware. It could literally belong to any tablet that’s in the works right now, especially considering there aren’t any telling marks on it. Don’t get us wrong — it looks very cool, and we hope this device turns out to be something nice. We just prefer not to get ahead of ourselves when there’s absolutely no reason to do so.

[via GSMArena]

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