Google Map Maker edits return to more than 44 countries


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Google originally did a soft launch for the return of public Map Maker editing by bringing it to folks in 6 countries. That number now expands by more than 44, including those in the United States. Unfortunately Google hasn’t yet listed the exact countries getting in on the fun this time around, but we know the original 6 to be Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, Philippines and Ukraine.

If you don’t know, Google Map Maker is a community-sourcing feature which allowed users to submit detailed maps of their area that Google may or may not be able to verify on their own. The site was used to submit some pretty troll drawings that made it by Google’s old moderation system, and it prompted them to shut user submissions down until they could figure out a better system.

Google’s new system includes the use of “regional lead” moderators who are chosen based on their history and quality of submitting accurate maps. You can apply to be a regional lead here if you feel that’s you and don’t mind bearing the load of responsibility. Google has also opted to disable the editing of polygonal elements, so there’s no more editing that golf course to look like something obscene or funny. Users can, however, submit names for the polygonal elements.

So the floodgates are open. Go and submit your maps if you have them, and let’s try not to screw it up this time, folks.

[via Google]

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