This concept for Android’s sharing feature is mouthwateringly smooth [GIF]


Android’s built-in sharing function has always been a great way to move information from one app to another, but it hasn’t always been perfect. There’s definitely room for improvement, and one talented designer and animator (the same one responsible for this beauty) has put together a very neat concept that has us feeling all tingly inside.

material design sharing concept

Click the GIF to view animation

The idea behind it is that you shouldn’t have to be kicked out of what you’re doing in order to share something. In this concept, the sharing UI slides in from the bottom and gives you a list of apps to share to. Select an app, and a sharing UI will populate that same window and allow you to make whatever custom changes you need to make before sharing it. Hit the magical share button, and boom — go right back to what you were doing in the app you shared from.

And the animation is just downright gorgeous. Matias Duarte, please give this man a job on your design team.

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