Android Marshmallow Developer Preview 3 and Android 6.0 SDK now available



Hot on the heels of Android Marshmallow’s official name reveal, Google has gone and released Android Marshmallow Developer Preview 3. This preview is said to be near final, and should be stable enough to use as a daily driver until we get the final release later this year.

So, how do you get on Android Marshmallow Dev Preview 3? If you had Dev Preview 2, you will get an OTA notification that’ll take you straight to the new goods without you having to manually flash anything. All of the same devices which were supported for DP2 — including the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player — are supported here, so no worries on that end. You can find out exactly what you need to get on one of these builds if you aren’t already by heading right here.

With that, Google has also released the brand new SDK for Android Marshmallow. It reveals one very interesting fact: this version of Android is taking us straight to 6.0. We thought we’d only be in for a minor version bump — Android 5.2, perhaps — but 6.0 means Google is treating this as a fairly major upgrade.

Beyond that, you’ll get all the latest APIs and near final code for testing, and a nice emulator for doing your thing if you don’t own a device which can load Dev Preview 3. Grab it by heading to your SDK Manager inside Android Studio or whichever development environment you fancy.

As for those who don’t consider themselves developers? Sit tight — Google seems to be right on track with bringing Android Marshmallow out to the masses, and it’ll be a very sweet day when they do.

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