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Last week we asked you to vote for your favorite Android keyboard apps. You might not realize it, but a keyboard app is probably the app you use the most. Whether you’re composing a tweet, writing an email, or sending an SMS, you need a keyboard. We had an excellent turn-out with nearly 2,000 votes spread out over 20 different apps. Here are the top 5 keyboard apps as voted by you!

1. Swiftkey


Wow. You guys really like Swiftkey. There were over 20 different apps that received votes, and Swiftkey managed to get nearly half of them. Even with a landslide victory like that we’re not surprised. Swiftkey has been a fan favorite for a long time. It has top-notch predictions and auto-correct, tons of themes to choose from, and many customization options. Plus, it’s free.

2. Google Keyboard

google key

Google apps are always popular among Android users, and Google Keyboard is no exception. This app is great if you’re looking for a simple and quick keyboard app. It has great predictions, swipe-style typing, and a couple of themes to choose from. There’s definitely something to be said for simplicity.

3. Swype


Ah, Swype. One of the first keyboard apps to really make people rethink what a virtual keyboard can do. For a long time you could only get Swype on certain devices, but now it’s available for nearly everyone. Swype allows you to type words by sliding your finger over the letters. Many keyboards have adopted this feature, but Swype is still arguably the best at it.

4. Fleksy


Fleksy bills itself as the fastest and most customizable keyboard for Android. It doesn’t have predictions or a fancy swipe-style keyboard, but it does have arguably the best auto-correct of any keyboard. What makes it so customizable is many themes and the ability to add extensions to the top row of the keyboard. It can be used for a simple number row, or crazy things like GIFs and emoji.

5. TouchPal


Last, but not least, is TouchPal. This keyboard app has many of the same features as the previous apps on our list. One of the coolest features is called “Wave.” After you type one word it will display predictions on top of the letters you’re most likely to type next. TouchPal also has an awesome keyboard for using emoji.

Honorable Mention

image (3)

This is one poll where there was a very clear line between the top 5 and the rest. It may seem like a surprise that the stock Samsung keyboard is so high on the list, but they actually use Swiftkey technology. Just another reason why Swiftkey is the best. Check out the full ranking of all the apps that received more than one vote in the chart above.

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