Deal: Expansys has the 16GB WiFi Nexus 9 for $289.99


Nexus 9 DSC07276

Heads up on a quick deal for the Nexus 9. Expansys has the 16GB WiFi model for just $289.99. The tablet typically goes for $399 straight from Google, so it’s a substantial discount. That comes with the added bonus of this being the price for a new model, so no worrying about having to deal with potential refurbished woes.

You can also pick up the 32GB LTE model if you’re willing to pay just $50 more, which we’d say is damn worth it considering that particular model goes for a starting price of $600 through Google. The Nexus 9 is going to be supplanted at some point by a capable successor, but i the Nexus 10’s long lifespan is anything to go by we’d say this thing has a good chance of sticking around. Find links to the deals straight ahead if you’ve decided you want one.

Buy the 16GB WiFi Nexus 9 for $289

Buy the 32GB LTE Nexus 9 for $339

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