T-Mobile’s “Mobile Without Borders” lets you use service in Mexico and Canada for no extra charge


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T-Mobile said they had a pretty big Un-Carrier AMPED announcement to make today, and so they did. This one is called Mobile Without Borders, and as you might guess it touches on T-Mobile’s North American international usage policy.

The big news is that there is no extra charge for using your phone in North America, whether that be up in the Great White North of Canada or south of the border in Mexico. This applies to calls, texts and data, too, so there really is no border or boundary to deal with.

T-Mobile, of course, wasn’t shy about how much other carriers overcharge for international use on the same continent, with the carrier suggesting they mark their prices up as much as 90%. Meanwhile, their cross-border coverage is now completely free — there isn’t much to argue with there. The goods start July 15th for both postpaid and prepaid customers on Simple Choice plans.

[via T-Mobile]

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