Make your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge look like AOSP Material Design with this theme


galaxy s6 material theme

There are many people out there who aren’t fans of TouchWiz and were elated to hear Samsung might go with a stock-like design for the Samsung Galaxy S6’s user interface. Unfortunately that never came to pass, but that doesn’t mean you can get something close to the real deal.

One designer has finished a Material Design stock-looking theme for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and it’s now available for free over at the Samsung Theme Store. What you’ll get is a theme that’ll make your phone resemble something like a Nexus thanks to new designs for the dialer, notification shade, icons and other system elements.

Samsung’s influence will still be quite prevalent throughout much of the user interface, naturally, but at least you can feel a bit more at home if you’ve been missing that AOSP look and feel. Be sure to head to the Samsung Theme Store on your phone and give it a try!

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  1. Now they can be cool like me… LOL

  2. And now it’s gone from the “Themes for Man” category.

    1. And since there’s no way to search in the Themes Store, you’ll have to wait for it to come back. :/

  3. So…… Where is this theme. I know the theme store isn’t that big that I can’t find it.

    1. It appears to be gone now.

  4. Not sure why you’d do this if you could just root/rom and have the real thing that’s probably faster anyways.

    1. Maybe so they don’t void there warranty and run the risk of bricking there device if they are not expert at rooting

    2. A few reasons, not everyone is a power user that can root their phone. They don’t want to void their warranty, especially if they’re on the next program. And time, I consider my self a power user but I don’t want to put the time in to root phones any more. Downloading a theme/launcher takes seconds and I keep my warranty, and don’t waste time troubleshooting any issues that come with root.

    3. S6 edge isn’t readily available roming at this point….. Especially on Verizon. Not to say I haven’t rooted my phone but…..

    4. Because the level of effort to root and rom, plus warranty killing, plus loss of features like fingerprint, etc. Putting a new ROM on a phone is not something the average consumer should even think about doing. That is why you’d want to do this.

  5. sadly…I prefer what i did with my Nova version of stock.
    Not the google isnt doing good things with the stock look :)

  6. I’m not seeing it.

    1. It’s under the themes for man section…go figure

  7. It isn’t in there anymore. :(

  8. I kinda don’t get the purpose of this. I checked out this theme, but my phone feels much more like my older Nexus 6 using the Google Experience launcher, especially after downloading some of Google’s stock services like Gmail, Messaging, Play Music, etc. The app drawer icon even sits in the middle, and I get Google Now on the left most home screen and I still retain Edge functionality. May sound crazy, but after 6 Nexus phones back to back I’m not missing my N6 at all. I’d even argue that the Samsung Camera app seems to take better pictures than the Google Camera from what I’ve seen so far. The only thing that won’t change is the way menus look and the dialer…I still feel better off.

  9. Would love to see someone make stock theme for the htc one m9

  10. I checked several times today and this theme is definitely not available.

    1. Applied it last night. Samsung’s Theme Store is incredibly broken. Without a way to actually SEARCH something, you’re forced to wait until it appears on the main page. :/

      1. Darn… will keep checking then, it should look nice running with Nova Prime.

          1. Finally saw it on the theme store. It’s excellent with nova and Google keyboard dark.

            Found a significant but tho the delete button is gone in Samsung’s camera app. Guess I’ll start using Google’s.

  11. Is there an apk or something we can use to download it?

    1. Buy the phone cheap o

      1. Buy the phone? I have the phone already

      2. What a moron. Why would someone who doesn’t have the phone, be asking for the specific APK to enable the Material theme that applies specifically to Samsung phones? Get a life.

        1. Referring to me with that comment…..?

          1. I was referring to you, yes, but replying to Richard.

  12. I’m not seeing the Theme on the Store. >.<

  13. It looks better than stock Android. The app drawer does not have that white background that burns my eyes in the morning plus I always like Samsung menu setup!

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