ZTE doesn’t want you to know they made the upcoming Axon Phone with 4GB RAM, launches July in the US


ZTE Axon Phone

While it’s not uncommon for Chinese smartphone maker ZTE to launch an Android device here in the US, high-end handsets are another story entirely. The company, who has reportedly been sending invites out for a mysterious July 14th event in New York, is planning to launch a new smartphone, something they’re calling the Axon Phone. They even launched a new website for the device. Oddly enough, you wont find any mention of ZTE on the site, but the folks at PCMag did some digging and found out that the domain was registered by ZTE back in 2012.

ZTE Axon Phone side back

In either case, the ZTE Axon Phone is an interesting handset, probably the most compelling smartphone we’ve seen from the manufacturer. Launching in a variety of colors — Phthalo Blue (don’t even try saying that out loud), Ion Gold, or Chromium Silver — it features a rather unique speaker grill design on the front. According to the branding on the back, it seems this Axon Phone was designed right here in the good ‘ol US of A.

You’ll also notice a dual-camera setup on the back, which — like we saw on the HTC One M8 — is supposed to help boost auto-focus speeds and allow users to refocus pictures after they’ve been shot. There’s also mention of both high fidelity audio recording and playback, presumably from those fancy stereo front facing speakers. Another interesting aspect is the phone is the custom UI, which — unlike ZTE’s usual efforts — actually doesn’t make us want to throw up in our own mouths. We posted a few screenshots for you to take a look at below.

ZTE Axon Phone screen shots

Other hardware details are scarce, but the site does mention 4GB of RAM, an unspecified “lightning fast” processor, and large battery. You can visit the site right now if you want to be notified when Axon Phone officially becomes available where they’re even throwing a contest that will get you a free device along with the prospect of a $10,000 grand prize. Source link provided below.


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  1. That U.I. is going to get them sued.

    1. What makes you say that? Looks like regular old Lollipop to me.

      1. camera look similar to ios camera

        1. Oh you mean the icon

        2. I think even Apple’s tired of the ridiculous smartphone lawsuits and they’re the ones who pioneered them.

  2. Eager for more details on this thing.

  3. Love at first sight

  4. ZTE makes garbage phones

  5. Price and availability please

  6. Looks nice, hope it’s packing a Snapdragon.

  7. “Unspecified processor” usually means an inferior MediaTek. Only second rate Chinese phones use MediaTek processors. The top China phone manufacturers all use Snapdragon or Samsung.

    1. Welcome to 2015? Do you still think Hyundai cars are complete rubbish as well?


      1. Short answer: Yes – compared to premium cars like BMW and Mercedes. Likewise, MediaTek is still rubbish compared with Qualcomm or Samsung chips. That’s why you won’t kind them in most smartphones used in N.America or Europe. Even Chinese high end phones like OnePlus, Xiaomi and OPPO know better than to use a MediaTek chip.

        1. Hyundai has better reliability than BMW and Mercedes. Look it up

          1. Right. I have a bumper sticker on my BMW 535i. It says “My other car is a Hyundai i10”. Hope you’re enjoying your Goophone i5.

        2. That SD810 is killing it right now in the quality and performance arena :-/

        3. Do you know the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?
          A porcupine has its pricks on the outside. ?

      2. Look up reliability reports. Just because some SEEMS better it is not always the case.I’m talking about your example and nothing else. Just pointing out how shitty it is.

  8. Could be interesting. Depends on the price. Budget smartphone makers making decent devices is a trend I’m enjoying.

  9. It looks like an HTC One M8 with customized speaker grilles. Which is not a bad thing. Probably won’t have a memory card slot though.

    1. the back looks like a LG/HTC hybrid and the front looks like a Droid Turbo

  10. Nice looking phone.. As long as it doesn’t have a MediaTek SoCo or some old Ti chip it may be a nice pickup.

  11. Dam this thing is beautiful…. HTC you see that…. Now do something about that front black bezel next year

    1. Huh? Are you not seeing a much larger bezel at the top than an HTC and a pretty good sized one at the bottom? Or did I miss the sarcasm? O.o

      1. I’m telling htc look at the beauty, take the beauty and improve on the Bezels, HTC is a nice looking phone but the looks r dated, this phone is now the best looking device I have seen with the custome speaker grills

        1. Yeah, the front actually looks a lot like the incorrect M9 leaks that were so popular.

          1. Uuuum, actually that leak was best ever. I still wouldn’t mind that being the M10 but sadly it was just s render.

          2. First thing I thought seeing this is that ZTE copied that render. I think it looks pretty good myself, looking forward to trying it.

  12. Um the UI looks like iOS meets Android.

      1. Not at all.

      2. He just wanted to feel relevant

  13. Did anyone notice you can change the aperture? xD

  14. Those speakers on the front remind me of the HTC One X

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