Google says you can expect USB Type-C to hit Android devices in the near future [Duh]


Chromebook Pixel 2 USB 3.1 Type-C

USB Type-C is fixin’ to become the new industry standard in how we transfer, power, and display content to external monitors in our next generation devices. Earlier today, we saw the arrival of the all new Chromebook Pixel 2, coming equipped with two USB 3.1 Type-C ports (because it’d be downright silly to only offer only one, right?).

For those unaware, USB Type-C is symmetrical, meaning there’s no “wrong way” to insert a connector into the port. All those late nights, fumbling around trying to nail your USB cable into your phone like a kid on prom night will finally be a thing of the past. And we couldn’t be happier.

USB Type-C

With Google officially making the move to Type-C, you might be wondering if we’ll soon see this port in future Android devices. In what should be a surprise to no one, that answer is a resounding yes. In their latest Chromebook Pixel short on YouTube, Google Product Manager Adam Rodriguez (1:14) says specifically:

“We at Google are very committed to the USB Type-C spec, expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future.”

Did Google actually say we’ll see them use Type-C in the next Nexus device? No. But now that they’ve officially committed to it, it’s probably more than likely. Our bodies are ready. You can watch Google waxing poetic on the new connector that will soon come equipped on their over-powered netbook and future devices in the video down below.

Chris Chavez
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  1. So is this gonna replace DVI/HDMI on monitors and televisions?

    1. I think that’s the idea

      1. and until then, we’ll be in dongle heaven

        1. I assume you meant dongle hell ;)

          1. I guess it depends…some people like the dongles and the “more is less” idea…I rather have more ports than carry extra dongles with me

          2. Well I rather have a single port, and all my devices using the same plug to connect to it. USB-C might bring us there.

    2. The idea is that it’ll replace everything. We’re a few years off until that becomes real though, and by that time, we’ll probably have another “standard” usb-d or something…

  2. I wish the S6 had the type C connector, it isn’t exactly a ginormous deal, but it would have helped it be even more future-proof/ready.

    1. I expect the Note to offer it since that device always gets firsties.

      1. They put usb3 on the note 3 then removed it..

        1. But usb-c is a lot better than these ginormous ugly usb3 connectors

    2. When it comes to tech – especially mobile tech – nothing’s future-proof, really. We should be happy with “near future-proof” at best XD

    3. Why would you want a phone that you probably going to change in 1 year to be future-proof?

  3. I really hope Type-C cables also end up being more durable wrt to accidental bending force while plugged in and/or the little spring tabs getting too loose so it won’t stay plugged in. My wife and kid have literally gone through dozens of microUSB cables, while I’m still using the same one from over 2 years ago.

    (These aren’t the cheapie cables either – they’re the Monoprice premiums (“gold” connectors))

    1. i was literally like you with all these different microUSB cables for our family. and overtime they wouldn’t just stay plug in. It’s worst thing to wake up the following day and realize that your phone/tablet wasn’t charged because the cable wasn’t fitted into the slot correct. I finally opted for wireless Qi chargers. BEST THING ever. no more worrying about finding my best microUSB charger each night.

  4. “All those late nights, fumbling around trying to nail your USB cable into your phone like a kid on prom night will finally be a thing of the past. And we couldn’t be happier.”

    Gotta love Phandroid, and type C’s also.

    1. Type C, is OK I guess. They should have went to DD standard right away. Due to a
      bigger size the it’s easier to grab the cable, also majority of the
      population thinks it is more pleasing to the eye.

  5. I hope the jack is less fragile than micro usb.

  6. How would this work in Europe now that they passed a law requiring all phones to use micro USB?

    Edit: apparently the law hasn’t been finalised yet.

    1. The law requires usb not micro-usb. Plus even Apple was able to get away with proprietary lightning, by including one free micro usb to lightning adapter.

    2. The law requires the wall socket to be USB A female. The other end of the cable is recommended to USB Micro-B.
      My best guess is that they will change the law to require USB C in the wall socket as well as in the phone.

  7. What about OnePlus Two? it has about six months until its arrival.

    1. And another 18 months after that to get a chance to buy it. ;)

  8. Everything should be lightning cable (duh).

  9. The Nokia N1 tablet already has this port…just saying…

    1. The N1 has a USB C port, by it’s only USB 2.0 (not 3.1)…

      1. Sure, the post is about USB Typce C though

  10. I thought they would have made the HTC or even S6 with a Type-C connector? I might just hold out on a new phone, but that could prove to hard to take :(

  11. Most excellent!

  12. Really? After all these years and all these devices, now switch? That’s wild….

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