Qi will soon support 15 watt fast wireless charging


Nexus 4 wireless charger Qi angled

One knock on wireless charging was always that it wasn’t nearly as fast as getting your juice over a wire, especially after new fast charging products were introduced in recent years. Thankfully that won’t be the case for long.

The Wireless Power Consortium has announced a new specification for their Qi wireless charging standard that makes it possible to charge wirelessly at rates of up to 15 watts. This is actually the standard going rate for cable-based fast charging solutions, so they’re essentially delivering top-line charging speeds without the cumbersome cables needed to enjoy it.

While details of the specification have not yet been publicized, WPC confirmed that the new standard would be fully backward compatible with existing Qi-equipped devices, which could potentially mean you won’t have to do much more than buy a new fast charging pad to take advantage.

Unfortunately there is no solid date to look forward to when it comes to the landing date for this improvement. Not even a “later this year,” actually — we simply have to wait, but we’re hoping the wait will be well worth it.

[via WPC]

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  1. I knew waiting would be worth it.

  2. ok NOW ill buy a wireless charging pad.. or.. when it comes out..

  3. now the car charging Qi adapters become more relevant. It was fine for overnight charging, but short car trips saw little benefit. This is a game-changer

  4. Alright, with this news, I now want to start seeing a wireless charging standard in mobile devices. Glad I waited on buying a device this year. I still have one Jump left and I’ll finish paying off my M8 next March. It’ll all fall into play. Soon I’ll start having two phones and can really see if these Note phones are as good as people say.

    Though I don’t really like working with Touchwiz (on an IT level).

  5. Damn. Another charger.

  6. For sale: 3 Qi wireless charging pads. Heavily used. Occasionally mistaken for a coaster.

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