Official: OnePlus 2 will be one of the first smartphones to feature a USB Type-C port


OnePlus 2 USB Type C 3.1

OnePlus is officially getting the hype train rolling for their upcoming OnePlus 2, the followup to last year’s (frustrating) OnePlus One flagship. Today they announced on social media that the phone will be the first Android flagship to feature USB Type C, a reversible port that doesn’t care which way you insert the cable in (similar to Apple’s Lightning port on the iPhone).

The connection does more than just charge devices (which tops out at 5A/20V/100W vs USB 2.0’s 2.5V), allowing video output as well thanks to higher 10Gbps speeds. Google committed to the new connector back when they unveiled the Chromebook Pixel 2 in March, so we expect it will also arrive in this year’s Nexus launching at the end of this year. OnePlus seems confident their flagship will be the first to use the new spec, so we expect a OnePlus 2 launch is right around the corner.


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  1. Not the first Android flagship to have USB-C

    1. Please elaborate.

      1. Only thing I can think of is maybe the Nokia N1?

      2. LeTV Le Max is the first “flagship” android phone with USB-C. OnePlus’ claim of being the first flagship with USB-C connector is just wrong and hyperbolic, maybe they will be the first android flagship “in the west” with USB-C but those kinds of grandiose statements are part of the reason why i can’t stand this company.

        1. *First flagship device using USB-C from a company that anyone cares to hear about*

          Fixed it for you.

        2. Okay, it’s the first “flagship” from a company anyone has heard of to include USB-C.

        3. I just did a quick Google Search on this phone. It has some legit specs. The specs I seen where posted in a video, so I don’t have everything on it.

          6.3 Inch Screen
          2560 x 1440 screen
          Octa-Core Snapdragon 810 x64
          Adreno 430 GPU.

          I mean, raw power-wise it sounds like it can compete. How come I’ve never heard of this? I really want to get more into the international phones. I knew they were legit.

          My next phone purchase may just very well be an international phone. Ima need to check out Zen Mobile. All I know is they sell phones that work on Tmo. LoL!! I’m assuming they carry international phones.

  2. “Hype Train, Rumors, Leaks”, getting sick of these! – How about posting stuff that is actually a FACT, so we’re not disappointed when it actually comes out.!?

    1. I see where you are coming from…. However I don’t this article is speculation…this was announced today by OnePlus themselves

    2. Because that’s half the point of Phandroid?

    3. We can not get overhyped. It almost seems like because they stated something could come out, it increases the hype. The M9, while a disappoint, was not too surprising to me. I mean, what else could they do?

      You shouldn’t get hyped by rumors. You should always take them with a “grain of salt”.

    4. Umm… this is official, not rumor, straight from OnePlus’s twitter account.

  3. Hopefully this will make audio out via the USB C port standard on all future devices. Maybe we can have “universal” docks for Android. Additionally for cars with only a AUX IN port (no bluetooth) it would be nice to have only one cable to plug in to charge and listen to your audio using a Y cable.

    1. Thank you!! Ugh!! You should see the cables in my car. Just an Audio Jack. >.>
      I have this bluetooth dongle that plugs into the cigarette lighter and other end plugs into the Aux jack. But it comes with like 30 feet of wire (not literally).

  4. So no need for a Slimport or MHL adapter? It will just be type-c to HDMI adapter? Or Type-C to USB + USB to HDMI??

  5. i get 5 volts with 1.8amps through usb2 charging an n6. so if volts x amps = watts that is 9 watts. you seem to suggest usb2 tops @ 2.5 watts.

    1. It does top out at 2.5 watts. The ports on the AC charger you use to get 1.8 amps are not true USB ports – they merely carry power and do some trickery with the data lines to let the phone know it’s hooked up to wall juice so it’s free to draw as quickly as it can. This trickery is not part of the USB standard, which is why Apple, Samsung, or even Android devices in general have their own tech. That’s why, up until recently, you’d see chargers that have negative reviews for Android users but nothing but praise for Apple – they were simply wired to supply full power to Apple devices. That’s well on its way to becoming a thing of the past though, because many chargers now come with smart chips that detect the device type and deliver max power no matter what you plug in. If devices aren’t informed that the’re hooked up to the mains they need to stick with the USB spec of 0.5a, because that’s all that PC USB ports are spec’ed to provide. Otherwise if they try to draw too much power they could damage your PC’s ports.

      1. “USB 2.0’s 2.5V”

        Yep, this should be fixed in the article. 5V, 500mA, 2.5W for standard USB 2.0 ports.The article got the units and amounts right for USB Type C though.

  6. USB-C will be a great improvement for phones. Micro USB is just flimsy, wanting my new GS6 to have waited a little longer and shipped with this too.

  7. I can’t wait. Bring it on. (For the port, not the phone)

  8. After plugging in an iPhone with a lightning connecter a few times, I can’t believe I’ve lived with junk cables for so long. I haven’t used a USB-C yet, I hope the feel is as good. I know I haven’t liked any of the USB standards thus far. I’ve heard one point in favor of lightning over USB-C: the vulnerability is less because the female part of a lightning connector doesn’t have pins. This made sense and made me wonder why do it the way USB does except it doesn’t leave the cable’s connecter pins exposed (which doesn’t seem to be a problem with lightning.

    Does anybody know if there will be USB-C cables with the same connector on both sides (and a wall wart with a matching connector)? Or is the other side always going to be Type A (and thus non-reversible)?

  9. Anyone know if the USB C standard does anything to address the security issue that current USB standards allowing devices trusting anything plugging into that port as a trusted device with root access…aka BadUSB?

    1. Just looked it up: BadUSB, I can’t begin to tell you an answer to your question. I didn’t even know about BadUSB. ._.

  10. Too bad you have to give your mom a Brazilian live on TV to be put on the purchase list.

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