Google bought a company that develops ways for you to use apps without installing them


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Streaming movies. Streaming Music. Heck, even streaming games is a thing now. So why can’t we stream apps? That’s a very interesting question indeed, and it’s one Google has reportedly been thinking about for a while.

Google is said to have quietly bought Agawi late last year, a company that specializes in technology that allows you to stream apps with extremely low latency. “Why stream an app when I can just download it and use it natively,” you may ask.

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One use case being offered up is the ability to trial apps instantly and risk-free before buying or downloading them for long term use. This may seem like a trivial use case for most typical apps that come in at just a few megabytes per download, but there are some pretty large apps out there that could benefit from this.

We also imagine the technology could be used as a feature for entry level devices that might not have a ton of internal storage to download many apps. Streaming those apps would allow them to be able to use whatever they want without having to worry about a lack of persistent storage. Agawi also says the technology could be used for streaming games on mobile.

Unfortunately we’re a bit far off from anything we’re slated to see, with Agawi apparently confirming that it’d take them at least a year to implement their wares in whichever ways Google is looking to use it. We’ll wait, though, because we’re sure it’ll be well worth it.

[via The Information]

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  1. Maybe Chromecast v2 with application streaming and bluetooth connectivity for gaming controllers?

    Edit: P.S. I know the Nexus Player covers this already, but at a higher cost and slightly less portable.

  2. Read this yesterday somewhere… I like the idea but skeptical about the data usage with these cheap carriers.

    1. data was the first thing i thought of too.

    2. Keep in mind that the data many apps use to keep in sync with a server and/or check for updates might not be used since they are technically running on a remote servers.

  3. Psst, Google, the whole world isn’t connected yet so this idea won’t work well in many parts of the world. Send some of your staff to developing countries to see how well data connections work there.

    1. developing world? last i checked the US had a piece of property called the Virgin Islands…they can start here lol…

    2. Actually, depending how its implemented it might work better. Now, I don’t know how this works, but look at something like Citrix on desktop. The heavy processing is done remotely and the interface simply sends keyboard strokes and receives display changes. The data usage is actually smaller than downloading and installing the app, especially if it has to access data on the other side, anyway.

      1. Streaming takes a lot of internet connection, even on the best optimized solutions out there.

    3. Psst, Bhairitu. This is isn’t going to replace the Play store. Also, see my previous reply about no one holding a gun to your head and making you use this. Good god people, chill the F out.

  4. This is actually already available. If you try out Android-Arsenal, a website for Android libraries, some of the demos there run Android apps right inside the web browser (using something that’s called ””) , so you could have a taste of how the library works.
    However, it’s a bit slow (yet it might be because I’m far from their servers).

  5. Perfect, one more thing to chew up my data when I’m off WiFi! Why download on solid WiFi today what you might be able to stream on your cellular or questionable hotel/coffee shop/airplane connection tomorrow?

    1. Even if they don’t have a ‘download over WIFI only’ option (like many apps, including app updates do), I’m pretty sure no one will hold a gun to your head and make you download them when off WIFI.

  6. if this allows for the apps to only run when i want them to, and cuts do on the running whenever they fell like it/running start up for no reason bs, then i’m totally for it.

  7. Move idea, but not useful for me, as I use the underground/train often and also like to travel on the plane. Also, I don’t want to reach the limit of my “unlimited” connection.

  8. Android N will have the built in capabilities to stream apps.

  9. How about you guys work on that “Let me choose permissions” PER APP first. MUCH more useful!

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