Jul 11th, 2012

Yesterday we told you about OUYA, a Kickstarter project that would bring a $99 Android gaming console to the living room. That was less than 24 hours ago, when the startup was about $100,000 shy of their $950,000 goal. Fast forward to now and funding currently sits north of $2.5 million. That’s $2.5 million all raised in less than a day since the Kickstarter page was posted, and with 28 days of open funding left.

The rapid rate of monetary contributions can be attributed to a good deal of media coverage that OUYA has received, but no one would be talking about the project if it wasn’t a good idea to begin with. Just goes to show that people are serious about gaming on Android and want the best possible way to experience it. It’s also a testament to just how far the quality of games available for the platform has come.

[Thanks, Eugenio!]

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