Nest’s first camera has been leaked ahead of June 17th event


nest cam 2

Our sources have been telling us that Nest will be making their own-branded camera following their acquisition of Dropcam, and that they’ll tie all their products together with a new multi-functional app. That information seems to have been spot on, if this leak is to be trusted.

What we’re getting is a very Dropcam-esque camera, except more slim and sleek than prior models. The camera will have a suction and swiveling base for flexible placement, and there’s a clean nest logo placed firmly beneath the lens. We also learn that the camera will use Bluetooth and QR codes for easy pairing (its recent FCC appearance confirms Bluetooth), as well as the ability to support 1080p video streams.

nest app

We’re also getting a first look at the new Nest app, which will no doubt allow you to control your Thermostat, Protect and Camera from one convenient location. The app doesn’t appear to show any hints of  between Nest’s products, but there’s a chance we could  be in for a surprise come June 17th (the day the announcement is scheduled to go down).

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  1. I know this thing comes with a monthly subscription option. But if they would offer at least a 24 hour free recording option (with download video option), without a monthly subscription, i would buy it.

    1. I’d like additional payment options too, maybe well see that with Nest now. Also, you don’t have to use a subscription for recording. You can use it as an alerts / live feed device.

      1. I think not having a local storage option is still a problem though. Having a couple of cams can choke the upload bandwidth of many residential broadband plans.

        1. I still think the Logitech wilife cameras are better–and require no subscription for alerts, web viewing, and local storage.

        2. My biggest problem with the Dropcam is there’s no local streaming option.

          So if the cable goes out in the middle of the night, so does the baby monitor. And the Android client isn’t so great at the whole auto-reconnect after more than a couple minutes.

          Have twice woken up to screaming “where have you been????” baby because of it…

  2. A rebadged dropcam?

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