GM will bring Android Auto to Cadillac starting in 2016 cars


android auto in car 2

Android Auto is spreading to more and more devices, and another fleet of vehicles is confirmed to be in on the fun. GM has announced that Android Auto would head to their Cadillac cars starting with the 2016 run, which launches at some point this summer.

The upgrades will come as part of an enhanced CUE — or Cadillac User Experience — update that will feature new functionality and improved performance. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have a phone with Lollipop by the time the cars arrive as Android Auto is only available on Android 5.0 or higher.

[via GM]

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  1. I bought my car last year. =.[

    I can’t wait for more aftermarket radio options. Pioneer is nice and all, but I don’t need all that mess. I honestly just want bluetooth and Android Auto. =.P

    And the Pioneer Android Auto radios I’m seeing come with a DVD player. That seems to be racking up the price. >.>

    1. Right? DVD’s? Most of my physical media is in boxes in my garage.

  2. The car manufacturers should have had the foresight to build more upgradability into their infotainment systems. New stuff comes around every year, but current owners get left behind. It would sure be nice to just apply an update (whether free or paid) to my current system to get Android Auto functionality. Instead we’re left with two sucky options, expensive aftermarket radio (that may or may not fit cleanly in your dash), or buy a new car.

  3. I am all for GM vehicles love my Tahoe gonna trade it with 2016 when its out

    1. Don’t blame you. GM has really stepped up there game. Got a 2013 traverse and will never look back now

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