LG offers “buy one get one free” sale on LG G4 leather backs


lg g4 colors 2

One of the best things about the LG G4 (our review) is the replaceable back cover. You can easily swap it out for different colors and materials, including five shades of leather. To fully take advantage of this customization feature you’ll want several different covers to switch between. For a limited time you can get two leather back covers from LG’s store for the price of one.

The leather back covers are still only available for pre-order. When you pre-order two of them ($70 a piece) LG will automatically slash the price in half. The five colors available include Sky Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, and Yellow. The leather back covers are slated to ship after June 26th, and this sale is running until June 30th. Slap one of these covers on your G4 and it instantly feels more premium. Are you planing on getting a leather back cover for your G4?

[via LG]


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  1. seems like a great deal! im having a hard time between this and the S6. looked at all the reviews and still torn. finger scanner/bottom speaker/premium screen/wireless charging vs non-traditional back buttons/larger screen/removable, bigger battery.
    Can anyone with either phone give me your opinion? my only concern with S6 is crappy battery life (which could be fixed with software update).

    1. I have had my G4 for about a week and I switched from a note 4 and couldn’t be happier. The phone is fast battery is amazing and the camera is excellent. The only small gripe I have is the speaker placement in the back but the speaker is loud.

      1. yeah, i cant understand speakers on the back. i currently have sgs4 and i hate “cupping” y phone to listen…thats great to hear on the G4! my wife currently has note 4 and i think it would be hard to top. how do you like buttons on back? i held a G3 and initially didnt fancy the buttons.

        1. Already got used to them. I was a die hard samsung guy but the note would just lag on me often which was irritating. This G4 is definitely the best I have had to date.

    2. Yeah I’ve had one for almost a week. Coming from the G3 it’s definitely a step up but very familiar. They took the G3 and made it better. Better screen and I’m loving the slight curve. Camera is excellent also.

    3. I’ve had the s6 for a week. Giving it a trial to see if battery life is good enough if not I plan to return for g4 and give it a trial. You get 14 days at best buy to try and return if you arent happy. So far the battery has actually been way better than I expected. I am a pretty heavy user too, leaps and bounds better than my galaxy s4 batt life. I am sure g4 would be better however it also does not have wireless charging, or finger print scanner and just feels cheaper in hand. Big square design. I have to have a security PIN on my phone as I have corporate email on it, being able to use finger print scanner to unlock vs type in a PIN everytime is frigging awesome, that alone makes takes the g4 out of the running for me now that I have gotten used to it. G4 does feel sweet with leather back, however I need to put it in a case when im riding my harley and not many cases fit the g4 with leather back on, many cases say “does not fit with leather back”. So now I am having tos wap the back off the phone, and a case on/off phone when I ride my harley and its bouncing around in it. Speck candy shell case on a non edge s6 is pretty sweet. Lastly the fast charging feature is awesome. Both g4 and s6 have it. S6 gets a huge charge in no time, amazing if you havent had it before.

      1. I really think i would dig the fingerprint scanner…this S4 is ticking me off. i might go with the s6 and check out battery life for 14 days. Sometimes I hate how much i love new phones. Next up is Note 5 and possibly Moto X 2015? Im going to need all these new phones!

    4. I just bought the g4… I wanted all the features of the s6 badly. Then I figured out the iPhone has all those features. Thing is I don’t want a 6s so I got a phone I think that’ll get me through a year with few complaints.

      I had the m8 $550, g4$600, n6 550, and moto x 2013. Well after careful consideration I think the g4 offers better bang for the buck. I wanna s6, but after I upgraded my wife’s note 4 it keeps getting a Sim card error. I did some research finds out a lot of Samsung phones do that. I wanted to get the s6 with a 128 memory but that’s $900+ dollars… Which I can’t justify trashing or selling in a year.

  2. I honestly read that as BOGO on LG G4, completely missed the back part. /selective reading fail

  3. $70 is expensive for one back cover. Getting two makes the deal better, but do you really need 3 back covers. You already have one that comes with the phone.

  4. These will be knocked off on ebay for $2.99 within a month

  5. Damn.. no tan/beige (seen in the actual photo used above – fail) in the USA. Ideally, find a person to split it with and only pay $35 per cover.

  6. Is it me or does the orange back in the pic look the tan leather back from T-Mobile? Only difference is the T-Mobile back is smooth.

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