Google Maps adds rental car information and improved photo viewer


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Google Maps has long been one of the best features of Android. Sure, it’s also available on iOS, but there’s nothing quite like using it on an Android device. Google relentlessly adds new features and improvements to keep it on top. The latest batch of features includes rental information and a photo viewer.

If you have a rental car reservation tied to your Google account you will be able to bring up that information when searching the area. You’ll see the pick up or drop off location and reservation number. Google has also improved the photo viewer so you can see multiple photos of a location. Other improvements include a new “Your Places” screen, and the removal of “Shake to send feedback” being enabled by default.

Google Maps version 9.10 is rolling out right now. Download from Google Play.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I wonder if I’m the only one that found the shake to send feedback by accident when I got mad at my phone…

  2. Good to hear about shake to send feedback. I was using as a gps recently and it kept coming up all the time

    1. THANK YOU!! Every time I freshly install this app and hit that one bump…

  3. I love the new feature that tells you by default why a route is faster than the alternatives. I think this was in the update that came out over Memorial day.

    1. Yes. I started using Google Maps just to move around now. Got a nice little car charger for my phone. The updates are nice. Especially in Houston.

  4. Show scale is finally back after a long absence (it was there long ago).

    Now all we need is music, camera (with location pin creation), access to the recipes used at the restaurants found nearby, a mini dialer so you can call and say that you’re almost there, voice activated mini-Hangouts in case they don’t answer the phone, a compass and GPS calibrator, an RSS news feed so the passenger doesn’t get bored, live weather look ahead along the navigation route, Facebook and Twitter buttons so you can instantly let everyone know about whatever you have happening on the map, Instagram selfies that randomly show your reaction to route changes, a network analyzer that alerts you to nearby free wifi hot zones as you approach (with automatic rerouting options), speed limits, automatic Google search results for the average number of speeding busts and traffic fines in your vicinity, integrated calendar reminders, your horoscope for the hour, satellite view rendered in Material Design instead of the messy photoreality, and don’t forget OFFLINE MAPS.

    Because evidently, there ought to be no end to features added into a maps app.

  5. I like that they are adding more waze info into the app too! Alternate routes and accidents.

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