Ads on Google Search will soon have a “buy” button for easy purchasing


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We’re sure Google has a ton of new developments in store for this year’s Google I/O developers conference, but they’re already spilling the beans on one new feature that will help them drive business to their customers and better compete with Facebook and Amazon’s ad business.

Speaking in an interview with Re/code, Google Chief Business Officer Omid Kordestani revealed that a “buy” button would soon be making its way to ads featured in Google Search. According to Kordestani, Google realizes that 90% of commerce is still done offline, and they’re looking to change that.

With a buy button prominently displayed in Google ads, it’ll help eliminate a few steps prospective buyers will likely have to go through just to buy something they see in an ad. That means more money for businesses and more money for Google. We’re sure to learn more during this year’s Google I/O kicking off tomorrow.

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