Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus officially unveiled with full metal unibody design



Oppo sat a bunch of us tech journos down in a nice Beijing hall earlier today and revealed what you see above — it’s the Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus. These are perhaps the most compelling smartphones we’ve seen from Oppo yet as they’ve gone great lengths to ensure the devices’ premium status.

OPPO R7 chooses 2.5D curved screen

One of the ways they did that was by making them full metal unibody designs, which isn’t a feat unique to them but certainly an important distinction if they want major attention in 2015. Oppo is also using 2.5D curved glass to make for a natural curve at the edges of the device.

OPPO R7 main feature

So, what about the specs themselves? Here’s what you can expect from the base Oppo R7:

  • 5-inch AMOLED 1080p display
  • 1.5GHz 8-core Qualcomm chipset (MSM8939)
  • 2,320mAh battery with VOOC fast charging (non-removable)
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 13 megapixel rear camera, 8 megapixel front camera

The Plus variant shares much of the same specs, though the display size is bumped to 6 inches and there’s a bigger 4,100mAh battery inside. You’ll also get a bump in base storage to 32GB by opting for the bigger model.

OPPO R7 Plus main feature

We should also note that while the cameras enjoy the same megapixel count, the R7 uses a 3M2 sensor while the R7 Plus uses Sony’s IMX278 and has the added benefit of getting laser-assisted autofocus. We’re not sure if that’ll make a huge difference in terms of picture quality but we’ll certainly be looking to find out.

One other final difference worth noting is that the R7 launches with KitKat while the R7 Plus will come with Lollipop from the go. There shouldn’t be much reason to worry, though, as Oppo promises a full upgrade to Lollipop for the base R7 model down the line.

Unfortunately Oppo didn’t have much in the way of pricing and availability at the ready, but if they’re hoping to get this thing into the public’s eye before the summer smartphone wars heat up then we’re sure it won’t be long. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the launch of the Oppo R7 live from Beijing, including hands-on and first impressions!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

We’re live at OPPO’s 10 year celebration event, here comes the R7 and R7 Plus

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  1. They look like a note 4 again every phones look almost the same.

    1. glad i’m not the only one who realizes that

  2. the Plus looks promising but the R7 seems more on the weak side. I dont know much about Oppo phones….but all of their phones are resembling other phones.

    1. OnePlus is made by Oppo.

      1. well ya learn something new every day!! =)

      2. No, it’s a startup that was spearheaded by someone high up at Oppo and probably some of their engineering etc. people.

        1. I dunno man,we may be talking semantics here:
          OPPO is the sole share owner of OnePlus.
          I owned both the 1+1 & the OPPO FIND7.
          If not for the volume/power buttons being on opposing sides,they’re virtually identical dimensionally:
          I could easily swap phone cases between the two & the fit was perfect (less the button cutouts,of course).
          I’m sure they shared some common tooling/machines in the mfg process.

          1. Think of Oneplus as an independent subsidiary of sorts.

          2. What was the Find 7 like? How is the Oppo skin, speed of everyday use and so on? Did you try any custom ROM’s on it? How does it feel and fit as far as handling and pocketing goes?

          3. The display was awesome,1st out w/QHD I believe.
            The overall fit/finish was tops,felt perfect in-hand.
            Decent sound & OK battery life.
            I’d actually recommend getting the FIND7a,slightly lower-specced,but,more development as ROMS go.
            The battery in the F7 is 200 mah larger than the 7A’s,but,they’re interchangeable & the 1080 display & very marginally slower clock speed should net a few more hours of run time.

            As for smoothness/speed of operation,right up there w/any flagship,past or present,regardless of O/S.

            At the time,I found COLOR O/S had potential,but,was a buggy mess.
            Perhaps the’ve honed it,but,it’s likely still a massive resource hog,both in size & background services running.

            CM11 was a Godsend for the FIND7 & 7A.
            I couldn’t side-load SAMSUNG GEAR Manager or BLINKFEED on a rooted COLOR O/S,so,that was a deal-killer from Day One.
            Cyanogenmod made it a kick-ass phone,much like the 1+1.

          4. Thanks so much for the reply! was considering buying the 7A before I went with the Nexus 5 about 8 months ago.

            The idea of a flagship device that costs $600 instead of $700+ really appealed to me and it looks really good as well. I love Cyanogenmod 11 so I would definitely put it on any phone I get from now on.

            Tried CM 12 but just couldn’t get used to it.

          5. Both the FIND7 & 7A are marked down,the 7A is currently $399 at OPPOSTYLE.
            Not a bad price,might be able to get a decent deal on a used one from SWAPPA as well.

          6. Damn, I had no idea about the markdowns! Thanks so much!

            If I had a few hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket I would definitely consider buying one. Unfortunately my metal Moto 360 set me back money I probably could have spent on more important things but I’m still enjoying it nonetheless.

          7. I hear ya,same here w/the ZenFone2,but,glad I got it.
            I don’t see too much else coming up in the immediate future to pique my interest.
            I need to exercise some restraint & wait a few months after a phones release & catch some markdowns……

    2. The build quality of OPPO devices rivals none,but,the aftermarket development community is what brings their phones to life.
      If seriously considering the R7+,I’d wait for the dev community to get a hold of it.

      1. what are you referring to about the aftermarket development exactly??? I’m really interested in this phone and I see you are too.

        1. Root/ROM,Cyanogenmod to be exact,but,choose your favorite.

          1. oh duh, of course.

          2. No problem,I have more than my fair share of “Here’s your Sign” moments on a daily basis…… ;-)

        2. Yeah,I’m interested,but,it’ll be a while before I take a serious look at this phone:
          The UPS delivery person just dropped-off my ASUS Zenfone 2 as we speak…….

          1. now that is a phone I was really stoked for. I read a not so nice review on it however, so i’m really waiting on a few more reviews to come out before I consider it. Let me know how you like it!

          2. I sure will,when Chris post his full review.

  3. The R7 has got a menu button ffs

  4. 2.5D screen: what does that mean? Does D means “Dimension”?

    1. lol that’s what I was thinking when I saw the title. like, is it almost 3d? lol. but the answer is in the article.

      1. The explanation in the article is not convincing at all. I don’t see any relationship to 2.5D which I interpret as between 2D and 3D. This is so absurd I think D here has nothing todo with Dimension.

    2. I’m starting to want to hurt someone every time I read that, lol

    3. No, it means that Oppo is giving you 2.5 D’s.


      1. hahahaha!!

  5. The Oppo R7 has a really small battery probably because they tried to make the phone stupidly thin. The R7 Plus gets a nice big battery but only because the phone is a huge 6″ mammoth. Fail and fail in my books!

    1. I hadn’t considered that. It’s a very good point.

      Don’t understand some of these manufacturers’ obsession with making the phones so thin. There’s no real benefit to it and it makes the device’s battery smaller and even sometimes causes the addition of a headphone jack to become impossible. It’s also more difficult to grab and hold onto.

      1. Thin is in ,said no woman ever!

        1. Or anyone who likes a phone that won’t slip out of your hand, has a headphone jack or has half-decent battery life.

  6. Screen PPI? Is 32GB the largest storage option on either? Do either cameras have OIS?

    1. well if u gotta ask, then u probably dont wanna know! haha

  7. 80% screen-to-frame ratio…nice.

  8. I’m guessing no SD card either?

  9. *sigh* You guys REALLY need to stop assigning an automatic ‘premium’ label to anything that isn’t plastic. There is absolutely nothing premium about a 5″ device with 16gb of storage and a 2,320mAh battery. That’s the kind of specs I would expect to see on a $300 phone.

    1. There’s nothing premium about making a phone out of metal. It’s a buzzword that the iPhone crowd and dumba$$es at the tech companies thought up that caught on. Now everyone and their dogs uses it as a relevant term even though it’s all nonsense.

  10. So everyone knows… i am pretty sure this is the Oneplus 1.5 and Oneplus 2 a well.

  11. That 7+ is sex on wheels! 6 inch display (the new minimum for a mega-phablet) check. Big ass battery? Check. Of course the question is will it run on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and will I be able to get a good case for it?

    Of course Nexus 6 still offers those superior duel front facing speakers but hey, my Nexus battery will die at some point so I need to always be on the hunt for my next phone.

    Thus far it looks like only the Chinese are stepping up to the plate with 6” screens or bigger.

    R7+ 6”
    Huawei P8+ 6.8”
    Huawei Mediapax X2 7”

    Samsung is chickening out at 5.9” for the Note 5 despite the fact that they should have never skipped making the Note 4 a larger 5.9” and making Note 5 6.1”.

    Darn you Samsung! You have the best screens in the world but now you’re taking away the removable battery (Zerolemon offered a replacement battery that was 3X bigger than stock Note battery) and afraid to step into the mega-phablet arena!?

    I’d hate to have to import one of these Chinese phones in case the LTE doesn’t work on T-Mobile but I may not have a choice since US consumers are such fans of puny, tiny phones.

  12. Absolutely inexcusable for a “flagship” to launch with kit Kat this long after the release of lollipop.

  13. Hello iPhone.

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