Samsung spills the beans on the Galaxy S6 Active on their own website


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active black white

When we first let loose word on the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, more information rolled through like an avalanche. And now even Samsung can’t resist leaking their own plans.

The company’s website for Samsung Plus — their advanced support, rewards and warranty program — is now showing support for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. There isn’t any meaningful information tied to the listing except for the fact that it rewards you the same amount of points as if you were to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Curiously enough, the site lists the S6 Active’s release date as April 10th, which we know was the release date for the original models. It seems like an honest mistake by whoever mans these pages within Samsung’s ranks, but for better or worse we know that there’s a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active on the horizon. Let’s hope it won’t take too long for the official details to come to light.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The digital camo reminds me of an old Call of Duty version released a few years too late. I’m sure they’re rugged though.

    1. But it sure looks good and breaks the mold of bland solid colors without having to buy a case. And, for this phone, who needs a case right?

      1. For sure. Just hope they decided to put glove mode back in the device.. Then it will be truly active.

        1. Oh and also maybe just maybe an SD slot? Lol

          1. Clearly, non removable back for the masses and so not likely that and surely not battery. It “could” be on the side of course stacked with the SIM or separate from the SIM. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. It’s more bulky – thicker case – so you would think they have the room for SD.

        2. An “active” edition with no glove mode… that would be a serious fail as apparently then, it is only for “active” users in nice weather.

      2. I would love to not have a case cover the beauty of my phone’s design. Agreed.

  2. That white digital Camo would be perfect for me 6 months out the year living in snow country. ;) I’d take it skiing for sure.

    1. And drop it and… bye bye phone as it blends in so well.

      1. But since it’s so rugged and probably water proof at least you can go find it 6 months later when the snow melts :)

  3. Please have an SD card slot……pleeeeeeaasssee…..

    1. Would you really want something so rugged?

      1. Yes absolutely. I mountain bike, snowboard, hike, climb, do all sorts of stuff outdoors. I like these “active” series phones. I’ve owned only Sammy phones thus far, but refuse to buy the S6 because no SD slot and weak battery. This S6 Active would fit the bill perfect for me. I take tons of pictures when doing activities and on trips (don’t own any other camera), so I need lots of storage space and a large battery.

        1. Sounds like you need a s5 with an otter box case…

          1. nah. Would like 3gb RAM and a bit more internal. Hoping the S6 active will come with 32 internal + sd slot. S5 battery sux too

  4. At&t only or Tmo getting some if it?

    1. one in the same, just buy full price and take to TMO

      1. Tmo phones fully work on AT&T. AT&T phones only fully work on Tmo if they have the refarmed (Or is it reframed) network in their area.

        Tmo is changing a band they use. I think it’s their 1700 band or their 1900 band.

        The difference would be HSPA or not.
        AT&T on Tmo Refarmed = You have HSPA (3G/4G/4G+)

        I feel a lot more areas have the refarmed network now.

      2. I like being on Tmo original Jump plan. Don’t feel like paying full price out of pocket. I upgrade every month.

  5. Where are all the “dat bezel” comments?

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