Samsung Galaxy S6 Active appears in leaked press renders, black and white camo options shown


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active black white

Yesterday photos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active were leaked out onto the webs. The photos were fairly good quality and gave us a good idea of what the device looks like in the wild. If those were still a little too grainy for you, famed tipster @evleaks is now showing off the device in a pair of leaked press renders.

There’s no question the phone certainly looks rugged enough and in attempt to attract more outdoorsy types, features a camouflage paint job in both black (blue-ish), and white (with silver accents). We have to admit, we kinda liked yesterday’s all black model a little better than these, but to each his own. No word if AT&T will throw in a free can of Monster energy drink every device sold.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Okay Samsung and AT&T, announce the phone already.

  2. “black and white camo”.. bwa ha ha

    It’s called digi camo. Or digital camouflage if you want to get precise.

    And it’s damn cool.

    ps – Monster energy drink contains far too much sugar, if you want a more legit drink to give you energy, try some Yerba Mate.

  3. Well, dat camo is fairly hideous, but that’s my personal preferences. I spend a lot of time outdoors but I’ve never liked the camo aesthetic, probably because I’m not a hunter. I’d actually prefer my device to stand out a bit so I can spot it in the bush… solid white would be nice! I suppose there’re always cases and skins…

  4. True outdoor phone will have a Glove Mode

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