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We’ve been following rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active ever since we dreamt up the device back when the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were first announced. We’ve seen hints and tips of the device for weeks now, with the latest details provided to us only earlier today. Even though we weren’t allowed to publish images, it didn’t take long for the device to finally pop up online courtesy of GSMArena. We can confirm, this is the same Galaxy S6 Active (SM-G890A) design we saw from our own tipster.

The design is definitely super rugged, with physical buttons on the front and thick plastic on the back. You’ll notice the speaker has been moved from the bottom (where it was on the Galaxy S6) to the back, and the camera no longer protrudes. This could have something to do with the device’s reported 3,500mAh battery requiring a little extra space.

Other specs supposedly fall in line with current Galaxy S6 models, with a 5.1 QHD display, 16MP shooter, and heart rate sensor on the back. Still up in the air is the fingerprint sensor, which may have been ditched in favor of more ruggedness. The only thing left now is for AT&T and Samsung to make this thing official.


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  1. Will this have a removable micro SD card slot and a removable battery? I’m fairly certain it won’t have a removable battery, but I’m not so sure about the memory slot.

    1. Early rumors suggested both a removable battery and Micro SD slot would be present in the S6 Active. We’ll see soon enough.

      1. not sure how you do a removable battery? was the S5 Active removable?

        1. Absolutely.


          Very common feature for ruggedized phones. And for good reason. There’s no fast charging on SAR.

  2. Samsung has to make a removable battery and SD card whit a 200gb version of the galaxy s6 I’m sure it will make billions

    1. general public could care less about removable batteries and sdcards. Most buyers don’t realize they even can do that. Most will not buy above 32gb either because of cost…now if you mean the majority of the readers here…then yes, they will sell many but nowhere near the level of regular s6 32gb version.

      1. Incorrect. Samsung made large efforts to heavily promote the fact that (in the past) you could remove your battery and swap it out with a fresh one.


        So with adverts like that it’s safe to say that most buyers where very much aware that the batteries inside their device where user-replaceable. As for cost, I totally agree with you that many (I dunno about most) would buy a smaller storage option because it was indeed cheaper in cost but that’s down to the fact that they could just expand that storage through Micro SD.

        To say that the general public “could care less’ (they couldn’t, you meant to say they couldn’t care less) is reaching a bit.

        1. sales don’t show that. If they did they would have stuck with the campaign. Look at the S6 vs S5 numbers…they don’t lie.

          1. The design is what helped them, not the exclusion of Micro SD or a user-replaceable battery. Many have shown you can have a similar design and still retain at least Micro SD support. It’s a stagnation in design that HTC is currently experiencing.

          2. Samsung was the king of stagnant design for more years than HTC. HTC dropped like a rock when they dropped the removable battery and sd card. Storage and battery were too small when they did that. Today HTC is criticized for design because the battery life is solid and the sd card returned – that leaves design.

            Now it’s about perception and momentum. If HTC had released the S6, no one would have been kind about it. It would have been far too expensive for an HTC and screaming about the One X storage throwback.

            And “abandoning the successful stereo design in favor of bezels.” :D

          3. That blasted bezel…

          4. Adds stereo separation. :) :)

        2. Samsung annoyed me withe whole we’re better than iPhone then they freaking copy the iPhone. Nice phone the s6 is, but Still 2 years behind in design.

  3. Who the hell cares if its only on ATT. ATT sux. Living in a major metropolitan area with full signal strength in front of my house, cant make calls or get calls in my basement. Verizon works perfect in basement. Screw you AT&T, it best go to Verizon as well.

    1. And T-Mobile/Sprint where unlimited data doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    2. I have the total opposite experience. I have to walk across the street or up the street to get Verizon at home. AT&T works everywhere else. To each his own. Cheers!

  4. Just make the note 5 with a SD card slot and 3500mah battery with curved edges like the note 4 edge and I’ll buy on release day!

    1. And waterproof of course, then my dream phone it would be

      1. Right! Can’t forget the waterproofing! That would be the ultimate!

  5. I was just looking at the S5 active in store today. Do you think they will implement Glove mode with this.?

  6. Why isn’t this thing available unlocked!?

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