Tag Heuer’s first Android Wear watch will run you $1,400



We weren’t — and, by and large, still aren’t — sure what Tag Heuer would look to do for their first Android Wear smart watch when plans for them to make one were revealed, but Bloomberg’s latest report sheds a bit more light. First thing’s first: this thing won’t be cheap. Tag Heuer’s base price is set to start at $1,400. That’s nowhere near the $10,000+ Apple Watch – Watch Edition, but at least their bottom tier product comes in at at more manageable price point.

That said, Tag Heuer is a bit different compared to the likes of Apple, Motorola and LG. Watches are their expertise — their only expertise — and they know the area better than anyone else. While the engineering needed to make a smart watch probably isn’t quite as intricate as a mechanical watch, they will still likely take great care to craft a chassis with great precision and using nothing but the most premium materials.

An executive from Tag Heuer — Jean-Claude Biver — went on to comment that the watch will have 40 hours of battery life, which is just shy of the 2-day average we typically like to see but far better than the 18 hours you can pull on an Apple Watch. He also mentioned that despite being new competitors he hopes Apple does sell a ton of smart watches for the simple sake of growing the market and demand for these things.

Just goes to show that there are still some companies out there who value and embrace the spirit of true competition. Tag Heuer’s smart watch isn’t due until October or November so we imagine we’re still a long way out from seeing what’s in store.

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  1. FUDGE!! I want one. Somebody buy me one for my bday at the end of the year. =.[

    That looks so nice. Unless that’s a render. Renders always look nice.

    1. That’s an Aquaracer, their scuba diving line of timepieces.

      I would relate the price range given to their Formula 1 series.

  2. October/November might mean Happy Birthday to me!…LOL. I’ve always been more of a Rolex guy or Omega, but I’d rock a Tag smartwatch for sure.

  3. Hope it looks more professional than the toy Apple Watch.

    1. Apple could make a device that literally teleports people back and forth from the Moon and give it away for free and you guys would hate it

      1. Apple could make a device that literally is just a brick with an Apple logo on it, charge $500 for it, and you guys would still buy it.


        1. Isn’t that every Apple device prior to the latest release?

      2. When it looks like the Apple watch does.. Yes I would hate it.. This tag is in the right direction.. Real Swiss made with smart features that maintains that horilogical heritage..

      3. Nah I’d be for it, as long as they gave a breathing device and suit as well, otherwise its another conspiracy of apple eliminating the competition one phandroid fan at a time.

  4. asked my wife, she said no. she talks too much.

    1. I just don’t ask..

    2. “no” is talking too much?

      1. i summed it up haha

        1. Thought so, but even then, how much can she talk to convince you not to buy it…

          1. not much…that is a lot of money haha

  5. Maybe eventually some of the real expensive watches cloths include some kinetic motion energy generation, it probably wouldn’t add too much charge, but getting a few more hours wouldn’t hurt

    1. It wouldn’t give you hours, maybe minutes.

      1. Unless said watch is a Pebble

        1. Yea, I mean with current technology I wouldn’t expect much. But I think people expect to get something more than just fancy materials/design for $2000+ market, plus using incredibly expensive devices allows you to design some new technology. It makes sense to use a mercedes-benz type system with smartwatches, where the technology trickles down to the mass market a few years later. Plus Tag Heuer has already invested in this technology slightly for old school watches. Remember in a typical use situation with a 40 hour battery life, you’d put watch on in morning go to work, forget to charge that night, go to work on 2nd day…. that’d give you roughly 32 hours (16 * 2 days, 8 hours sleep) of motion time, so assuming a 400 mah battery, you use 10 mah per hour, so you’d only need to generate 80 mah over 32 hours to get you the last 8 hours to get you through day 2. That’s only 2.5mah, so not super unreasonable in the next few years.

          also if you are going to have crazy expensive watches in the multiple thousand dollar range, they should have removable guts, where after a couple years you can take it to a professional to have new internals installed. Since the overall size probably won’t change much there’s no reason you can’t do this. And actually jewelry shops/cell phone repair shops could probably be trained to do this stuff with current skill.

      2. Depends on often you beat off.

  6. Take my money now. Wait, how much?

  7. Not expensive enough. I want people to know that I have money to blow! Make it gold plated, throw some diamonds on there and slap a couple zeros on the end of that price tag.

    1. I was immediately reminded of the iPhone I Am Rich app – $999.99, did nothing except say that you were rich. Eight people bought it before it was yanked, including this guy – http://gizmodo.com/5034122/guy-buys-999-im-rich-app-discovers-hes-just-dumb :D

      But you’re absolutely right.

      Until TH raises the price on this at least $6,000 it’s not even worth looking at.

      Given that I’ve not met another diver wearing a diver’s ring on a watch away from the water, let’s agree that quasi-status symbol has to go.

      I vote for something with racing stripes. In platinum – for a modest additional fee of course.

    2. I’m sure there will be several versions — including some blingy ones. I also feel like this price is exactly right to keep it “luxury” and have an entry-level TAG smartwatch without alienating people

    3. Tag uses a special method for their gold pieces that reinforces with stainless steel within for a stronger chassis/bracelet, and has higher microns of gold in order for it to run down evenly with scratching.

      As for diamonds it’s mainly their ladies pieces, and it’d be the bezel mainly. Tag isn’t too big on a lot of bling really, they concentrate on quality craftsmanship.

      I expect a basic surgical stainless steel version, and a gunmetal option. Two tone possibly, all gold doubtful with their history, and diamonds maybe lower quality I I1+.

  8. My wallet is ready!

    I haven’t been wearing my non-smart Tag recently because I’ve been rocking my 360. But I’m headed on a cruise soon and my 360 can’t handle that, welcome new Tag smartwatch to dethrone everything. Given that release window, early Xmas gift for myself!

    There could have been a better main pic used. Given the price point I would relate it more so to their Formula 1 line. Value, sporty, durable, and $1k+.

  9. Now we’re getting somewhere.

  10. Thank God. We need the professionals to make these. Most of the current crop of smartwatches are hideous. Especially Apple’s failed attempt.

  11. Few people smart enough to buy Android will be stupid enough to spend this much on a smart watch that will not retain its value.

    1. I doubt any smart watches will retain value. Possibly the apple one will purely because of die hard fan boys but that’s about it.

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