TAG Heuer teams up with Intel and Google to build their first real smartwatch [UPDATE]



High-end watchmaker TAG Heuer is building a smartwatch, but they can’t do it on their own. The watch is said to be officially revealed tomorrow, with CEO Jean-Claude Biver telling Bloomberg in an interview that the Swiss company had to rely on key partnerships inside Silicon Valley to help build the smartwatch, as Switzerland was lacking the necessary tech know-how.

Exactly who are these partners? According to Reuters, Intel has already signed on to supply the processor, while Pocketlint is reporting that Google is also onboard, who we guess will likely provide the OS. That means, we could be looking at a luxury Android Wear smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch.

Biver notes that while the internal components and OS will be American, the rest of the watch (casing, dial, crown, and design) is all Swiss. The watch will be a near replica of their current black Carrera watch, which retails for around $3,000 depending on the exact model. Needless to say, we don’t expect this new smartwatch will come cheap.

We expect to learn more tomorrow when the new smartwatch is officially unveiled.

 UPDATE: Annnnnnnd… it’s official.

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    1. Ive seen the prices of Tags. I couldnt afford them then, and cant now. I cant even afford there rumors

      1. That last line was epic you had me rolling sir :D

    2. *falls into debt*

  2. Yes please.

  3. I’d take this over a 10k Apple watch any day… and I say that without even knowing the exact specs etc.

    1. Yep, me as well.. I’m a fanatic of real time pieces.. Not the boxy toy looking smart watches we’ve been seeing.. FINALLY the Swiss are doing it right..

  4. Damn that’s sexy. You’ll look like a proper adult with this thing and not a teen wearing a toy on your wrist (Apple Watch). I’ve been waiting for these kinds of smart watches to supplement my current old work horse that I’ve had since 2006. She’s been with me everywhere, including the box of course.


  5. Might have to sell my regular Tag to get this lol.

  6. Are smart watches really worth the investment? Also, my phone is already a huge time consumer as it is.

    1. For me the primary focus is notifications. In my field I need my hands free, and getting information easily from my wrist instead of taking out my phablet is great. Also I can track my fitness, sleep cycles, etc. My 360 is my daily driver, and I’ve been leaving my luxury watches (ie Tag) on the side.

      1. Hmm, you’re right about the notifs. I do like the fact that you can change the faces hahaha. That would be my main reason for purchasing one.

        1. Oh that’s a given. I LOVE having thousands, perhaps millions of faces/watches in one package. I’ve recently downloaded DressWatch and that thing is the bee’s knees on giving me a different face on the fly.

    2. Not really. It’s very convenient though. But for the price, I wouldn’t buy one if you’re on the fence about getting one. If you saved a few extra bucks and can pick one up, then get one.

      It’ll make you even more lazy. Trust me. LoL!!

      1. Do you have a smart watch?

    3. I have the LG G Watch R and I love it. I feel naked without my watch on now. You get used to just looking at your wrist for all of your notifications. Pulling out my phone just to read a text feels like such a pain now.

  7. Now this I’d buy.. (Please have decent battery life)

  8. Interesting team effort. Will definitely check it out tomorrow.

  9. Now it gets real.

  10. I WILL TAKE IT AT ANY PRICE! I LOVE Tag, and I know they make a great quality product just like my current pieces from them. The testing that’s put into all their pieces is phenomenal and my fingers are crossed for sapphire crystal, alligator straps, 316L SS, etc.

  11. FINALLY. I’ve been arguing that what Android Wear needs is WATCH companies onboard, like Fossil, TAG, Wenger, etc.

    1. Timex?

      1. No.

  12. The problem with high priced luxury smartwatches is that they are obsolete after a year when new lower power, faster, thinner components come each year. Traditional luxury ‘feature’ watches don’t really have that issue. If they can figure out how to upgrade the innards each year or so, then they’ve got something.

    Intel (or others) should just come out with a round and square version of a ‘standardized caseless smartwatch element’ each year that can snap into a watch frame. And then the luxury makers create high end cases/frames that the ‘element’ snaps into and customize/brand the rest with software. Can then upgrade your watch element each year or so.

  13. That Tag is $5,400.

    so i can see a smart watch by Tag going 1 of 2 ways.

    Either it won’t be as expensive since the “traditional” watch mechanics will not be needed and replaced with a flux capacitor.


    It will remain as expensive because Smart watches are the “In” thing right now

    1. i would hope if you pay that much money, that it would last longer than 18 hours like apple is pushing…

      1. If i pay that much money it better do a lot more than just a long lasting batteries. Another User stated that smart watches aren’t a good of investment as an actual no tech Tag. $5,000 for a Tag now and that watch could double in value in 5-10 years. the tech in a smart watch will be obsolete in 5-10 months making the value of the watch plummet.

        1. agreed. that thing better be itching things that I dont even wanna itch for that kind of money haha

  14. I tried today, to search for Meridiist cell phones or support on Tag’s website or via google search. It’s not easy to find. It’s not listed on the website, so I don’t even know if they support/make them anymore?

    While I’m excited to hear this news on the collaboration, I am also skeptical about the support on something like this. You can buy a New Quartz Aquaracer for upwards of $1800.00. It should last you a lifetime with battery changes and service, which they have and should continue to provide.

    IDK, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Tag smart watch.

    1. I can’t wait to be in your position where you can consider buying this if it tailored to you.

      1. Not quite sure I know where you are going with this. It’s not tailored to my liking, I’ll say that. ;)

  15. Michael Kors should come out with a Smartwatch. I love their designs…they usually cost $200-$400 so if they make it a Smart Watch… I’m assuming that they could be around $350-$600.. Now that is reasonable for a high end watch (although not as high end as Gucci, TH, Rolex..etc)….not a $10k iWatch or $3K Tag-Heuer….just saying that there needs to be a balance…

    1. So a regular watch can be priced that much, but not a smartwatch? =.P

      1. What?

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