Snag a Nexus 5 with one year of unlimited service for only $199 from



Update: Black is sold out, but white Nexus 5 units with FreedomPop service are still available!

Nexus 6 owners might have Google’s new Project Fi network to look forward to, but what about the Nexus 5? While we can’t do anything for current owners, we would like to draw your attention to a new deal available from you can now pick up a Nexus 5 with one-year of unlimited talk and text service from Freedom Pop for the all-inclusive price of $199.

Though it is nearing the two-year anniversary of its release, the Nexus 5 remains a great option for users looking for a truly pure Android experience. Couple the phone with unlimited talk and text service for a year (including visual voicemail and tethering) and 500MB of LTE data per month and you’ve got yourself quite the package.

If you don’t need the service there are no obligations or contracts, and you still get yourself a pretty nice price on a new Nexus 5. It’s just $199 for a limited time, and only at

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  1. Enough with the Androidarea marketing already! Set up another app for it or something but stop filling our Android news site with the moderate/bad quality stuff that’s often sold on it.

    There are obvious exceptions like this deal but it’s mostly two-bit products otherwise.

    1. I’ve been under the impression this whole time that Android Area is part of Phandroid. I could be wrong… but I figured it was, which is why we see articles for it.

      1. Yep, it is – it’s under the DEALS link at the top of the page.

      2. It could be part of Candyland for all I care. 95% of the stuff on it is annoying as all f%$k and I don’t need to see it on a news site. I could just go on Reddit and go to r/Android if this doesn’t stop.

    2. Oh… so you don’t like advertisements in “your” news site? When did you take ownership of Phandroid? Hopefully you got a sweet deal on it.

      That being said, the site has to pay for things like hosting, domain name, traffic, staff writers, costs of covering events around the world.

      If you are not satisfied, I suggest you click the “Contact Us” link and demand a refund for whatever you paid to access their content!

      1. I paid $4 to get it to be banner ad free, wiseguy. I didn’t pay a relatively high price for an app subscription just to be annoyed with articles that are ads.

  2. I decided to take a chance on one for $190. They force you to register with FreedomPop before they ship the phone so I used a CC that expires in a few months to make sure FP never sees a dime from me.

    1. I have several freedompop accounts for my kids. When you get close to running out of data (i think about 100mb of your limit)they add $10 to your account and charge 1 or 2 cents per mb that you use. Once they ship the device you should be able to login and turn off the auto top up feature.

      If you have time warner as your internet provider you can download the time warner wifi finder app ( which automatically connects you to timewarner wifi hotspots kind of how project fi works.

      If you don’t turn off auto top up and they attempt to charge an expired card your service will stop working until you update your CC info.

      1. I’m going to cancel service as soon as I receive it anyways. I’m not familiar with how difficult it is to cancel service with FP, so I wanted to make sure they weren’t able to charge me somehow. I plan to use the phone on AT&T, so I have no interest in FP.

        1. I hope they don’t hold you hostage.

          “Phone will arrive activated on FreedomPop, and is Sprint locked. It can be used on FreedomPop or Sprint’s network. If you want to change service providers, you will need to reach out to FreedomPop to have your device “unassigned.”

          1. This is why I consider it a little risky (and the fact that it’s “certified pre-owned”). If I flash to a stock ROM it should work with my AT&T SIM, but I won’t know for sure until I get the phone. I saw a lot of back and forth on the Slickdeals forum with no real consensus on how or if FP could actually lock the phone.

          2. Good to know, please keep us updated! Like I said, I hope it works out.

          3. And then there is a catch of course!!…I think the writer should be a bit more clear when they advertise crap as such. BTW, the phone is not new as the article says

        2. A FreedomPop rep posted that you can take it elsewhere on the Slickdeals Forum thread

  3. Is it the 32GB???

    Edit: nope, 16GB…meh.

  4. I’m tempted but I’m not going to do it. That Freedom Pop aspect seems like a really bad idea, I can only imagine how bad their service is.

    1. It’s unlocked.

  5. I wonder which Root way would work on this phone ….? T-Mobile ……Verizon …….AT&T…..
    Sprint …? That’s all I care about I’ve bought and sold that phone twice even at a 300 $ Price point Dollar for Dollar you won’t find a better phone , I’m seriously tempted the development behind that phone is still very strong , if I didn’t already own a few smartphones I would jump on that in second 200$ just for the phone is a steal….

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