Sony Xperia P2 leaks with flagship specs and compact size


The Sony Xperia Z4 was recently announced with very little fanfare. We drooled over the Sony Xperia Z3, but they didn’t make many improvements with the Z4. We’re still waiting for that killer next phone from Sony, and it looks like the Xperia P2 could be it.

The Xperia P was a mid-range phone released back in 2012. You may remember it for the transparent strip that would light up with a notification. Leaked specs and diagrams have revealed a follow-up to this device, but with flagship specs. According to the leak the new P2 has a 5.2-inch 1080p display with tiny bezels. The camera will be a revamped 12MP shooter. Other specs include a massive 4,240 mAh battery, 3GB of RAM, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810.

This is one of those leaks that sounds too good to be true. If Sony really does release a device with these top-notch specs and tiny bezels it will be a hot item. The beauty of this device is it has similar specs to the Z4, but the small bezels allow it to be much smaller. Huge phones are just not for everyone. What do you think about the P2 leaks?

[via GSMArena]

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  1. Please be real! I want that battery in a compact phone.

  2. that battery!! yes! and thats a good design change! 5.2 is under my 5.5-likings but everything else is great!

    1. Anything over 5.5 needs a stylus for me. That’s just too mush real estate to manage efficiently without one.

      1. u might be right…i’ve come to love the Note 4 everytime I play with it. That stylus is great!

  3. Looks promising! Makes me wonder what the advantage of the Z4 would be… better camera?

  4. This is too good to be true, and also i think this is not leak but just fan made render and specs

  5. Make it for T-Mobile and I’ll make it mine.

  6. The 810 in a small form factor like this would just heat up like crazy, it needs to be in a larger phone with good passive cooling.

    1. Dude, it’s over 10mm thick…not the smallest of bodies. It makes me think that the internals AREN’T crammed in like a can of sardines.

      1. They very well might be with the size of that battery.

        1. Correct, but as we all know, batteries never take up the full height of the phone. So, there’s extra room (probably a full 1/3 of the phone height) that has been given a decent amount of extra space.

          1. Hopefully that alleviates the alleged 810 heating issues.

    2. Tell us about your engineering background relative to Sony’s team of engineers

    3. So you’ve designed phones around the 810?

    4. 810 running a little warm isnt really a big deal for me, i welcome the form factor.

  7. wth they came back to this type of design again?

  8. Those bezels are small. So spiritual successor to the Z3 Compact?

  9. Very nice, I am a big fan of their designs. But to late for me, if all goes well tomorrow, G4 is in my immediate future.

    1. same here, G4 all day

      1. Let’s hope they don’t lag behind on USA release. Rumor is actual release the 29th in Asia. They are competing with people buying the S6 and M9 right now so they need to hustle and not delay in USA. I am, fingers crossed, hoping we can buy tomorrow or at least order for delivery within 2 weeks or so. Pumped for the G4.

      2. Just leaked:

        EDIT: oh, I can see you are already there posting. No real new info actually

  10. Make it waterproof and pooof, I’ll order it.

  11. Err I don’t get Sony. Sony seems to lack order. No wonder why they are hurting. Their products are great, their business model is whack. With that said, this leak seems suspect… where are the speakers? Does it have water proofing?

  12. Good finally getting the right idea: thin phones are not that important, too thin and they bend and crack easily, also they become like a sardine, slippery and hard to hold onto.
    Titanium is as cheap as aluminum now, so make a few titanium phones.

  13. I just got the Z3 a few days ago and it truly is an supurb phone…great battery life and it looks a lot better in person than photos….BUT if this phone truly has 4240mah battery and retains water proofing I might just buy that and sell my Z3…

  14. Seems like this could possibly be the first true 2 day phone, assuming it doesn’t have some weird heating issue

  15. I love the battery size but no way in heck that is real. Not after the flagship Z4 comes packing such weak sauce. Also, why the name change? Sony get your shxt together and stop confusing people.

    And what’s this I here about the Z Ultra coming with a 5.7” screen? Come on Sony, the rule is that screens only get bigger! That means the Z Ultra must be 6.5” or bigger! Anything short of 6.1” and I can’t give you my money once my Nexus 6 dies, because I can’t go to a smaller screen!

    I really want to give Sony my money, but they conspire against me at every turn.

  16. Thinner bezels are great, but the body is way too thick

    1. With that monster of a battery, I’d be okay with the thickness.

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