The Nexus 7 is no longer available from the Google Store


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RIP Nexus 7.

Google’s popular 7-inch tablet has been removed from the Google Store. The Nexus 7 was one of the first Android tablets to gain popularity. It was affordable, very capable, and ran stock Android. Instead of updating the Nexus 7 again, this year Google released the Nexus 9. Now Google is sticking with that device as their flagship tablet.

Google says there is still some inventory in stores and carriers, but they are really emphasizing the Nexus 9. If you want a Nexus 7 you should act fast. We’re sad to see the Nexus 7 being retired. The 7-inch size is still one of the best form factors for a tablet. It was easy to hold and it worked better with the many Android apps that don’t have tablet UIs.

Do you own a Nexus 7? Do you think Google should update the Nexus 7 again, or stick with the 9-inch tablet?

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  1. I have the original Nexus 7 and its still running great today updated to the latest iOS. I don’t know why they wouldn’t keep the seven going but I think Phone is catching up in size and that’s too close to the 7 inch. they already have the 9 in the works there’s no sense to go to an 8 inch tablet, I think they’re making the right decision. from a 7 inch, to a 9 inch, it isn’t that big of a jump.

    1. For families the 7 is great. It fit good in kids hands. It’s a better reader than the 9. 9 doesn’t fit in my back pocket. Also, no android phone or tablet has continued to perform through time and os updates.

    2. I wish my original Nexus 7 was still running alright. Mine is barely usable with how slow it has gotten.

      1. Yeah, the original was a POS plagued by memory and storage hardware issues.

      2. Upgrading to lollipop has made my N7 2012 quite sluggish as well. I found that installing ‘Advanced Task Killer’ and setting the ‘Auto Kill Level’ to ‘Aggressive’ helped. YMMV.

        1. Same here. I am going to move to an older custom ROM to see if I can salvage it.

          1. The sad part is that Google has to be aware of this issue (just google it to see the *many* complaints), but is apparently unwilling to do the needful.

          2. Jelly bean works perfectly fine on my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ (2013) and I have yet to run into an app that won’t work on it. I see 0 reason to upgrade to anything else at this point in time.

        2. I would suggest upgrading to the 2013 one. I still have the tablet and don’t mind keeping it for the rest of it’s life. I have no urge to upgrade it.

          The 2012 one got really slow. I was happy to get it go to a friend for about $50. Yea, that was a great deal for him. LoL!!

        3. Did you factory reset after the upgrade? That helps a lot of people.

    3. Dear god I hope it isn’t running iOS. Lol

  2. The Nexus 7 is (no?) longer available from the Google Store.

  3. I have the N7 (2014) love the form factor. I travel quite a bit and have limited luggage space and space when flying. It’s sad to see Google going big with equipment lately. I’m still hoping that the next Nexus phone is NOT a 6 inch phablet. If it is, I will purchase a Sony Xperia Z4 Compact.

    1. Agree. When they came out with the N7 they were making fun of Apple because the iPad was too big, insisting that 7″ was the perfect size. Now they don’t have anything smaller, at least not enough smaller.

      Too bad about all the bricked or just painfully slow 2012 N7’s since the Lollipop update. I hope they can get that sorted. But in any case, the world needs a 2015 N7… or maybe an N8 with much less bezel.

  4. So they are sticking with the Nexus 9, good to know since I own one but where is R5.1.1?

  5. Make a new 7… 2015 keep a lower price point and make it awesome.

  6. After having used an 8.9″ tablet I can not go back to 7″ tablets

  7. I have a Nexus 9 and I still prefer my N7 over it. I say make a updated N7

  8. Absolutely, yes, the N7 should be updated, not tossed. I have a N7 and the 7” form factor is perfect for me for reading the e-newspaper on the bus to work every morning.

  9. As much as I hate to admit, Android failed in tablet space. iOS has the market cornered. There simply isn’t the content there for Android. So no, let the Nexus 7 and fade away.

    Most businesses are using iPads. There’s specialized software being written for it. Not so much on Android.

    1. Not true. My company develops enterprise mobile software. Because of the huge price different in the hardware, we develop solely on Android. That is our customers ‘choice, not ours. They don’t want to pay iPad prices when a Samsung Galaxy Tab is just as good. When you buy 1,000+ units a year, it makes a huge difference.

    2. While I see why you feel that way, iOS is seriously deficient in being “Enterprise-friendly” my company deployed iPads to a large user base and it’s been struggle after struggle getting them to work in a “managed” environment, whereas Android has improved by leaps and bounds in those spaces. If Apple doesn’t wake up and smell the business-friendly coffee soon, their going to find their business customers begin flocking to Android tablets like the N7 & N9. I’m certainly in favor of such a swing when the next hardware refresh comes around.

      1. My company is just the opposite. iOS is the only phone allowed on the network.

        1. I would like to turn in my resignation papers.

    3. We use N7’s where I work. iPads are too expensive and don’t offer anything additional over Android that we would need.

    4. I’ve seen the Nexus 7 being used at Anime Matsuri this year. They were being used for badge scanned and at some booths. I’m assuming the low cost and decency is what made them buy it.

      People are slowly starting to realize. Though I still think Android is behind in the tablet game.

    5. The Nexus 7 is perfect for my needs. Maybe not yours, but even my sister (who has an iPad Mini) lusts after it. 2 years in, it’s still a great tablet, and perfectly sized (for me).

  10. I switched to a Nexus 9 and if I hadn’t already given my N7 to my partner, I would have gone back to it and sold the N9.

    1.) No noticeable speed improvement, very laggy
    2.) No wireless charging
    3.) Just a bit too large for comfortable one hand use

  11. as I had both nexus7 tablet’s 2012 3g and 2013 nexus7 32gb LTE model,I gave the old nexus7 tablet to a nephew, and am still using my 2013 nexus7 daily,I would like Google to make a 8″ nexus tablet with expanded storage options, as I had the nexus5 as well!

  12. What if they’re going to bring out the Nexus 7 next year, but rebranded as a phone? I’m scared… 7 inches is just too much for a phone. You’re a tablet at that point.

    1. That would be too awesome.

  13. I’m starting to think google believes bigger is always better. They ain’t right.

  14. I prefer 7″ tablet. Like using it instead of my phone at home because phone is charging. Like light weight and still putting it in my shorts pocket.

  15. Love my Nexus 7. Typing on it now. Don’t need 2 more inches. ( no jokes).

  16. I had the first Nexus 7 and currently am using the 2013 version. I’m saddened to hear of the demise of this tablet. It was the perfect size and performed wonderfully. And most importantly, it fit perfectly into my purse in it’s leather sleeve. I’ll use this one until it dies and hope another company produces a small tablet that will catch my eye because I really don’t want the Nexus 9.

    1. Same boat. I have both the 2012 and 2013 Nexus 7s. Like you, I feel it is the perfect size. It fits in my pockets, it’s comfortable in my hand. If I wanted something Nexus 9 sized, I might as well get an iPad. But that’s not what I want. I want an updated Nexus 7.

  17. I have no interest in a 9″ tablet. I currently use the 2013 Nexus 7 and would consider an updated version, but no way I’m buying that crap-ass aspect ratio Nexus 9. (Yeah, I watch a lot of movies/tv on my Nexus 7)

  18. I guess google will have to learn the hard way! 7 has been a really functional tablet.

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