Samsung confirms their next smart watch is circular and invites developers to help them


samsung gear ciruclar

Yesterday, a pair of Samsung trademarks hinted that the company was finally ready to try their hand at a circular smart watch. It didn’t take long for Samsung to come out and confirm those suspicions.

The company has issued an open invitation for developers to help them build their next wearables platform ahead of launch. They’ve confirmed that it’s for the 7 generation of their Gear lineup, and while they didn’t exactly spell out the word “circular” the teaser you see above should do enough to convince you.

Developers who want to get their apps going on the upcoming watch can get started as soon as today by heading here and grabbing the SDK. Unfortunately that’s as much as we know right now as Samsung didn’t even give us an idea as to when this product might be ready for consumers. All we know is that if the Samsung Galaxy S6 is anything to go by, Samsung’s first circular Gear smart watch could turn this market on its head.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Will it have an ugly home button?

    1. Rather have a button than a large black bezel taking up valuable real estate.

      1. Or the Moto 360 flat tire lameness.

        Watches that can change faces & display content, versus the classic static analog watch face, really need to be rectangle/square so that ALL of the screen space can be used.

  2. All good but I fine with my Gear S, which is still the only wearable worth a darn right now.

    1. That is, IMHO, the best looking and most logical design: slight wrist curve and rectangle for more space usage. I read, however, it is not that great of a watch…. yet.

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