Google Keep is now a full featured app on your Android Wear smartwatch thanks to latest update


Android Wear Google Keep update

Making that monthly shopping trip to Walmart is never easy task. If you’re anything like me, you probably cruise about the aisles phone in hand, narrowly avoiding pedestrians with your cart (or occasionally bumping their heels). Today, Google is making those trips a little easier, with new and improved Keep notes now available on your Android Wear device.

Now, we’ve been able to add Keep notes for quite some time using the “Ok Google, take a note” command, but this allows you view all your notes straight from your wrist with a fresh new UI. Simply say “Ok Google, open Keep” and the app will pop up right on your smartwatch (or you can open from the app list). From here you can view all your notes, archive, add list items, or even add a reoccurring reminders. But until the latest Android Wear update arrives — which allows for always-on apps — you’ll have to keep opening the app every time the screen turns off. Not. Fun.

To get started, simply update the Keep app from the Google Play Store. Link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Google Keep

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  1. Crashes immediately on LG G Watch.

    1. #androidproblems :/

      1. It’s magically working now. Maybe it wasn’t fully synced even though I had forced a resync. :D

  2. Great, cuz I love Keep… fav note app.

  3. I felt my reasons scale tip towards getting an Android Wear watch.

    1. An Android Wear watch will change your life significanly more per dollar invested than upgrading to another brick. It did with my moto 360, so glad I chose adding it to my life over upgrading from a Nexus 4 to a Moto X 2014. You don’t pull out your phone nearly as much and are more in touch with those around you because of it. Plus you can control your Sonos in the shower, amazing!!!

      1. That’s what I’m saying. People don’t realize the battery you’re saving. Pulling out your phone to check the time or see what that notification was. That’s battery and now I don’t do that at all. It just stays sleeping.

        That alone has equated to about 10%-15% more battery. I know that seems a lot, but Sense has an Auto-Sleep in their display timeout and I let that take turn off my screen. So those 15 seconds or a minute I’m doing when I’m at work is what caused my drain. And that wasn’t a problem, I chose to do that.

  4. Does anyone know how to pin a keep? I have a grocery list a made for my wife and I to share many months ago. It is many keeps deep now because of its ‘created on’ timestamp and I have to scroll a long way to find it or sometimes just search for it. On my Moto 360 this is even more difficult.

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