Samsung Gear W and Wheel UX trademarks hint toward circular smart watches


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Samsung has been the odd man out of the circular smart watch battles with LG, Motorola and even Huawei providing some pretty good options, but they could be looking to enter the fight soon. New trademarks filed by the company reveal that they’re working on a Samsung Gear W, and that it might have “Wheel UX.”

The timing of both trademarks surfacing side-by-side and the term “wheel” for its UX implies that this Samsung Gear W will be round, with a Tizen-based circular user interface customized specifically for such a form factor.

Unfortunately the trademark filings don’t give much more information on their own, but we do know Samsung has filed design patents for circular smart watches in the past. Samsung’s current smart watches — while nice — aren’t really seen as elegant, but a circular design for their next big wearable could help change that perception.

[Korean Patents 1|2 via SamMobile]

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  1. I wonder are they going to be locked into their own personal Samsung eco system, if so there is nothing to look forward to for me

  2. It would be very cool if this “wheel” concept is a rotating bezel that you can use – clock and counter clock – to twist and flip through aspects of the watches UI.

  3. is that a camera on the wrist?

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