OnePlus DR-1 drone is actually real, but it’s little more than a toy [VIDEO]


oneplus dr-1 drone

Looks like our cause for caution regarding OnePlus One’s latest announcement was a bit justified. Just as they confirmed on Reddit, OnePlus has revealed the DR-1, and it definitely is a drone. Only, it’s not the serious spy-right gadgetry you were probably dreaming of when they first mentioned it.

It’s a toy. This thing costs $19.99, and although it will actually fly for a good few minutes it’s not to be regarded in the same light as something like the IRIS+ Super Drone.

oneplus dr-1 drone phone

OnePlus is touting this as the world’s smallest remote-controlled drone, though, and they’ll only be available as a limited one time run. Unfortunately the product is already being listed as sold out on their website, and if what they say there is true then there won’t be any other opportunities to snag one in the future outside of something like eBay.

oneplus dr-1 drone controller

So for all you folks mad that OnePlus was making a new product before shoring up the OnePlus One? Chill out, it’s just a quick little toy that likely took them no time at all to produce and did nothing to take away from the work that still needs to be done on their first ever smartphone.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Cool

  2. THIS is what they came up with?? um its pretty cool i guess

  3. Not going to believe in anything today

    1. haha good point

  4. …and still we’re waiting for CM12S

  5. Literally looks like a kids meal toy.

    1. right out of a happy meal, you’re completely right. although, I’d probably buy that happy meal if that was in there….I hate myself for it too haha

  6. I still don’t have my LOLLY!

    1. Yeah. My fiancee’s been irritated since the last OTA screwed up Lock Screen info.

      1. yes, yes it has. I feel the same… -.-

      2. Ouch. I use Dynamic Notifications for my lock screen so thankfully I haven’t experienced that.

  7. And I thought this was the smallest drone( https://androidarea.com/sales/pre-order-the-snowflake-micro-drone )…that’s it cancelling my order… Okay not really kinda like the look of the snowflake better.

  8. This is a rebadged Cheerson CX-10. I have one that I fly all the time. It’s identical in every aspect. The only difference is OnePlus added prop guards that you can already buy for the Cheerson CX-10, which are good for beginners. And they added taller landing gear, which does nothing but add weight to the quadcopter, reducing flight times and maneuverability.

    You can get one from the Banggood’s US warehouse for $18.99 shipped with coupon code b185f7.


    1. looks just like it to me! although I dont think you can say its identical in every aspect….if its not really identical in every aspect. just sayin

      1. You are correct. I should have said “It’s identical in every way except for having the prop guards and landing skids built-in”

        I can’t wrap my head around why they added the skids other than to make it look more like the DJI Phantom. The base of each motor acts as a landing gear. I always pull my landing gear off my Syma X5C-1 any time I fly without the camera. It drastically improves the maneuverability. If I bought this Oneplus drone, the first thing I would do is cut off the landing skids if they don’t snap on and off.

        1. I was looking at it on Amazon and it has DECENT reviews. I hear the battery life on the one you mentioned above is under 10 minutes though. Do you like the Syma?? I’ll look into that for sure if you recommend it

          1. The CX-10 is a blast, but the little nano quads are harder to fly than the bigger min-quads like the Syma X5C, especially outdoors, the wind takes them all over the place. The reviews on Amazon are probably lower than they should be because it takes a bit of experience to keep them in control. The CX-10 is a favorite nano quad in the RC community.

            The Syma X5C-1 is an awesome quad, comes with a cheap built-in camera that can record video or take pics, you can activate the camera from the remote while in flight. It’s super stable and easy to fly for beginners. It’s hard to find a place in the US that sells them, so you’ll have to order from China. There are two very reputable sellers that I’ve bought most of my quadcopters and parts from, banggood.com and gearbest.com.

            Be prepared to be addicted if you buy one. I bought my first quadcopter in November and have been buying them any time I find a good deal. You just have to be patient with the shipping, they can take a while. I recommend spending extra on the expedited shipping unless you don’t mind waiting as many as 4-5 weeks for it to arrive. It has to pass through customs in China and in the US. If you pay for expedited, it takes about 5-10 days.

            Here is a link to the X5C-1 that I bought: http://www.banggood.com/Syma-X5C-Explorers-2_4G-4CH-RC-Quadcopter-Mode-2-With-Camera-p-913827.html?p=OM210611095472015015

            Use coupon code b185f7 for a 5% discount.

      2. Even the controller is exactly the same, it is not something they made at all.

  9. Maybe they should focus their energy on getting Lollipop out instead of this BS

  10. “limited one time run”
    Yet they were able to sell them without an invite system…

  11. I have one of these already it’s called the Skeye Nano Drone.

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