Verizon opens pre-sale for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC One M9


galaxy s6 vs htc one m9

Verizon customers can now pre-order two of 2015’s hottest phone. First up are the dynamic duo of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, both of which can be had in all storage variants of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Here’s how the prices break down for those two:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

  • 32GB: $24.99 per month w/ Edge, $200 on-contract, $600 outright
  • 64GB: $29.16 per month w/ Edge, $300 on-contract, $700 outright
  • 128GB: $33.33 per month w/ Edge, $400 on-contract, $800 outright

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Price

  • 32GB: $29.16 per month w/ Edge, $300 on-contract, $700 outright
  • 64GB: $33.33 per month w/ Edge, $400 on-contract, $800 outright
  • 128GB: $37.49 per month w/ Edge, $500 on-contract, $900 outright

That’s the cost of increased storage and innovation, folks (even if we know deep down inside additional storage alone doesn’t add hundreds of dollars to a phone’s price tag). The device will ship in time for Samsung’s global April 10th launch so you won’t have to worry about missing out on a weekend of fun with your new phone.

Also up for pre-sale today is the HTC One M9, which also launches April 10th. There’s only one model — 32GB — and it can be had for 24.99 per month w/ Edge, $200 on-contract, or $600 outright. Check that one out right here, and be sure to read our full HTC One M9 review to see if it’s worth picking up over its 2014 predecessor.

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  1. I was thinking about pre-ordering through the site. The people at the Verizon store nearest to me are very slow so I figure this would speed the process up. Verizon seems to be very limited in color options though. They only have the Silver and Gunmetal Gray. I wanted the gold. I guess that’s not a big deal.

    1. I am willing to bet.. when sales slow then they will do what they always do. Oh surprise, here is a new color. And then, you are already locked into a phone. I hate it when they do that, and that do it all of the time.

      EDIT: I just looked on VZW and I see the Gold!

      1. see.. gold

        1. That’s pretty stupid in this case though because these are launch colors. I know they usually do that with new colors. With Verizon, it’s usually a red variant somewhere down the line.

          1. What is stupid? That they are giving 3 colors off the bat? Wow, I think it is great given normally they give 2 and wait (months) for a 3rd. And, the gold is dope so for me, this is great news. IF I go with the S6 Edge, I can get Gold with no wait. Awesome.

          2. No, I’m talking about with the M9. HTC has released it with 5 colors, but Verizon only seems to be offering 2 of those.

          3. Ahh…. I see ok. Yeah, not as interested in the M9 – at THIS moment – so not so much paying attention to it’s release info. I got the S6 email from VZW since I opted to get the “pre order” announcement so I was focused on that.

          4. Yeah, I guess I’ll hold off on the preorder. It’s better to just go in the store. That way I can play with both the M9 and the s6. I’m leaning towards the M9, but maybe I’ll be swayed in the other direction when I have them in hand.

          5. Agreed. I played with the S6 Edge and like it enough to own it – memory dependant like I said. I did not yet see the M9, but will before i jump on an S6.

          6. AT&T gets red variants. Verizon usually gets blue.

      2. And this gold isn’t available till 5/1/2015

        1. True true. I’d wait though IF this is my phone.

  2. HTC M9 – 32gb as only offering makes sense WHEN you have expandable storage.

    64gb S6 Edge at $800 (or $864 OTD) looks like the way I might be going. FIRST, I need to see what happens at retail release with that System storage as I reported with the Best Buy phone I saw that used 15gb of 32 for “System” memory usage. Once I see these at the retail level, with no retail settings and apps & whatever demos and blah blah, I will know how much TW and Sammy use for “System” storage as 1/2 your memory right off the bat being eaten is not going to fly on a retail level phone locked into memory.

    1. That has been my argument all along too.. Sure the phone says 32GB but how much has already been taken away by “system”? You’ll be closer to 20 with no chance of additional storage other than the cloud or USB OTG-Card.. Which not everyone is to keen on.

      1. At Best Buy, 32gb only got you 14gb. +15gb was used up :eek: by System.

        I won’t order until see what actual retail releases are showing for memory use as some theorize that is the Best Buy demo app, but it cannot be conclusively proven yet as the numbers elsewhere in Storage to not jibe with that. So, we will see.

        1. Check xda-developers.com t-mobile s6 users. They have already got the phone and have this posted.

          1. XDA is a big site, can you be more specific with a URL?

          2. Let me look through, was in the s6 t-mobile section

          3. I don’t see any mentions. I am a long time member there so I posted up asking people to look.

          4. 32GB should have ~23GB for user
            64GB should have ~55GB for user
            128GB should have ~119GB for user
            (source Sammobile)

          5. 9-10gb still seems like a lot. Especially on what was supposed to be a slimmed down TW.

          6. 24.66 GB free spaece on 32 GB S6 edge

            7.34 GB of space used when new

          7. The M9 is the same. Stock Android uses 6+ GB.

          8. “Stock Android uses 6+ GB”
            Bullsh*t. The system partition on the N5 running stock 5.1 is only 1GB (and isn’t full). I’m sure it would be somewhat bigger on a 64-bit system like the M9, but not 6 times bigger.

          9. What??? You think the OS takes up less than a gig? Hahahaha I just spit out my drink laughing at you.

          10. System partition is 1GB. Add the boot and recovery and other miscellaneous partitions, you’re still under 2GB. Is there another partition you’re considering as part of the OS?

          11. You are a liar. I just checked a Nexus 6, 64 GB. It only has 54.68 GB available to user. XDA confirms that. Next.

          12. I said N5 not N6… 26.76GB available to the user, but not all of the other 5.24GB is actually used by the OS, in fact a good chunk of it is the cache partition, which does not store any OS files.

          13. So you are saying Android grew in size that much from one to the other? Regardless of what it is used for, it is unavailable to the user. That is no different than the S6, or M9.

          14. Unavailable to the user doesn’t mean it’s all filled by the OS. I stand by my statement, stock Android is does not use 6GB. See EarlyMon’s breakdown of the M9. The N5 breaks down as 1GB for /system (only 5MB free), 64MB for boot, recovery, and bootloader. The rest of space that isn’t usable by the user is consumed by /cache, the radios, and security stuff, none of which are really part of the OS itself.

          15. The /system partition on the M9 is 4339.7 MB of which 3638.2 MB is used.

            The /data partition is 23558.2 MB.

            The remaining difference is given over to the typical reserved partitions for the bootloader, recovery, radio firmware, cache, the boot partition and secure functions.


            No clue where you got the idea that stock Android (whatever you meant by that) is 6+ GB.

            And I’m not interested in arguments about how anything not for the user is somehow “Android” because it’s just not. :)

            If you want to see if the numbers I gave for the M9 are correct, proof has been linked.

            Have a nice day.

          16. Any space not available to the user, is only available to the OS, no matter how you break it down. Only 54.68GB is available on the 64 GB Nexus 6. It doesn’t matter what that 10.32 GB is used for, Android is holding it hostage

          17. Wow.

            Ok, I’ll just leave you with this –

            Before it can be a smartphone, it has to be phone and it has to be a platform capable of supporting either.

            Hostage? I’m sorry, but your attitude on this is simply ridiculous. Is the video driver on your PC holding you hostage by taking precious bits of storage and ram from you? No. The sky – still not falling.

            You know who really gets to use ALL of the storage on the device?

            The USER – because it takes what it takes to make it work.

            Good day.

          18. I think you have my position confused. I have no issue with 10 or so GB not being available for user storage. I was simply pointing out to the OP that skinned phones are no worse than stock phones.

          19. HTC stated that the M9 will have ~21GB usable. Of course it has the microSD card as an option.

          20. http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6-edge/general/post-personal-s6e-reviews-t3066964/page2

            I know this is the edge but you have got to believe they would be the same. Scroll down there is a picture of available space for a 32 GB edge 24.66 available

        2. The demo apps are massive. It has already been reported that there are 24-25 GB of storage available to user.

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  3. The cool thing is that the m9 is only $25 a month with the Edge program. However, since I have a 10 GB plan, I also get a $25 a month line access discount, so I’m basically getting the phone for free. Well, free aside from the $35 upgrade charge and the taxes.

    1. I didn’t have to pay any upgrade fee. No taxes either since my state doesn’t have sales tax. Flat out free!

      1. Really? Are you sure they didn’t just automatically defer it to your first bill?

        1. Never saw a mention of an upgrade fee unless they slipped into the terms and conditions (which no one ever reads). I did have to confirm with a rep that my wife’s access fee wasn’t going to increase back to $40. She is on Edge too and has been paying $15 a month. Apparently when you are checking out, the only discounts they care to tell you are concerning your line.

          1. Yep, I saw that. I wonder if preordering online waves that fee. I’m going to check. If so, I might just go ahead and do it, though it seems like the phone doesn’t ship until the 10, so we’ll have to wait til Saturday or Sunday to get it that way.

          2. my confirmation email says that it will ship 2 days prior to ship by date. So should still show up on Friday.

          3. Oh good to know. Then I’m going to go ahead and preorder. I rather avoid this particular Verizon especially on a launch day. I wanted to toy around with the s6 a little, but I really don’t like Samsung phones.

          4. Honestly, other than a beautifully design phone, the s6 isn’t that great imo. I think the M9 is a much better deal with the cheaper price to begin with and expandable storage.

            EDIT: this is based off of playing with the s6 in person but not seeing the M9

          5. AND a free year of damage replacement.

          6. I think the s6 Edge is nice, but it’s still a Samsung phone. I think Samsung phones are good. My wife always gets something from the Note series, and they are nice devices. However, they always seem to have weak wireless radios in comparison to my HTC phones, and I hate that.

            Just a note. I chatted with someone on verizonwireless.com. She said that if you didn’t see the $35 at check out, it will be on your first bill. She also said that it will ship on the 10th, so I don’t know.

          7. gonna fight it if the upgrade fee shows up and this will be my backup

            also, I’ll quote the email about the shipping “One or more item is on Pre-order and will ship within 2 days of the ship by date.”

          8. I’m not really sure what you can fight. The upgrade fee is standard, and I’m pretty sure it’s in the contract you had to sign to get the phone.

            Also, based on that quote, you’ll probably get the phone saturday or sunday. Pre-ordering gives you free 2 day shipping. If it ships out on the 10th, you’ll still get it within 2 days of the ship by date.

          9. Guess I’ll wait and find out about the shipment, but will definitely fight the upgrade fee if it pops up. Been pretty successful in the past with getting it waved.

          10. The upgrade fee is $40 now for Verizon and that only applies to 2yr contract agreements, not edge (if I’m not mistaken)

          11. You must be new at preordering. They always arrive by the launch date…usually a day or two early. And if a fee isn’t presented to you at the time you make the order, you can fight it.

          12. I’ve never preordered a phone before. I usually like to go into the store and play around with it before I buy.

          13. Ahhh. Yeah, they always arrive no later than the launch date.

          14. She is clueless.

          15. The S6 has bleeding edge RAM storage, and processor. The camera is being praised and worshiped. The S6 is the same price on Verizon. You are silly.

        2. Verizon Edge plan has no activation or upgrade fees.

          1. I didn’t know that. I got my wife the Note 4 on the Edge. I could have sworn there was a fee but it might have just been the taxes.

  4. M7 owner and HTC since the Dinc. Definitely upgrading this month, but after exhaustively researching and watching review after review, I can’t find a reason to go with the M9 here!! My phones always go in an Otterbox, so leaving design out of the equation… Probably going to wait for a week or two after launch to fill my head with more real world reviews, but dang it….I wish I could slap down the cash for the M9 without reservations. Damn you, HTC!!! :)

    1. I don’t understand. If you’re leaving design out of the equation, then why would you have a problem moving up to the M9 from the M7. It’s an improvement in pretty much every way. Design and camera are pretty much the only areas that reviewers are saying haven’t been improved substantially. And even with the camera, that’s in comparison to other current flagships, not older phones like the M7.

      1. An improvement in almost every way? Design is the same. Camera is just as bad. The display is the same. The processor is under clocked, so probably about the same. What has improved??????

        1. I’m guessing you’re thinking we’re talking about the transition from the M8 to the M9. Otherwise your comment makes no sense since you can literally go down the stat sheet of the M7 vs the M9 and see a pretty major difference in each and every area.

          1. Nothing has improved there either. The M7 actually has the better design. The camera is just as bad. The display is the same. What has improved? Certainly not enough to claim “in pretty much every way.” That sounds like Tim Cook talking. : /

          2. You can’t be serious.

            Design is subjective and he said design didn’t matter anyway.

            The M9 has a 5 inch screen compared to a 4.7 inch screen.

            The M9 has the 810 processor, which underclocked or not has been shown to be faster than the 801 in the M8, which is most certainly faster than the 600 in the M7. Plus the M9 is a 64 bit processor which the 600 is not.

            The M9 has 3 GB of DDR4 RAM, while the M7 has 2 GB of DDR2 RAM.

            The rear camera is not even as bad as some are making it seem as evidenced in several camera comparisons including this one:


            And that comparison it to great cameras like what is in the s6 and iphone 6. It is most definitely better than what is in the M7 even if it falls short of other current flagships.

            The front facing cam of the M9 is also much better than the front facing cam of the M7 considering it was the main shooter of the M8.

            The M9 battery is like 500 kWh bigger than that of the M7.

            And the M9 is coming with the latest version of Android, while support for the M7 is pretty much over.

            There were a few other updates made with the M9 that aren’t present in the M7, but the point is made. Stop spreading misinformation.

          3. Actually, with the on screen buttons, the usable screen is still just 4.7″ in 99.99999999999999999 % of applications. Don’t come at me with immersive nonsense, most of Google’s own apps don’t support that, nor do many at all. Not to mention, it’s cumbersome. The processor might be slightly better, but not by much. The RAM difference may be the only improvement.

          4. How would you even know what the immersive mode works with? The one touted for the M9 is a Sense 7 feature, so it’s irrelevant what the stock Android mode does. As far as the processors, your statement is ridiculous. I’m not a big benchmark guy, but if you look at the benchmarks the M9 is putting almost double the scores of the M7. In what way is that “not by much.” And that’s not even taking into account the improvements you’ll see when the 64 bit architecture really starts to catch on with Android. Just stop man, you sound foolish.

          5. I work with many different phones, I’m very familiar with HTC’s offerings. You said that you are not a big benchmarks guy, then you started touting silly benchmarks. You are all over the board…aka…an HTC fanboy.

          6. lol I gave the benchmarks because the phone hasn’t been released and there are a lot of other good head to head comparisons to go by right now genius. And how am I all over the board? I’ve post a list of factual improvements for the M9 over M7 and all you can do is respond with a bunch of vague nonsense that is objectively wrong. You’d have a point if you were talking about the M9 vs the M8, but no one with any sense is going to argue that the M9 isn’t a major improvement over the M7 in everything but design.

      2. Other than the ability to add an SD card, I can’t see where the M9 beats the S6…especially if both have all of the flashy design aesthetics hidden by an Otterbox. Granted…Sense is great, but is it worth passing on what many are saying is the best smartphone camera around on the S6? A friend is getting the M9 at launch, so I’ll definitely being doing my own testing of that camera! All of the reviews in the world can’t replace hands on experience. If the camera is great to my eye, and the thing doesn’t get hot while running Facebook, I may just stay an HTC guy. First world problems…. Lol.

        1. Well my comment was under the assumption that you preferred HTC phones. If you do, the M9 is a nice upgrade over the M7. However, if your main concern is camera quality, then yeah the s6 will probably be better for you.

          For me personally, I use my phone to listen to a lot of music so the Dolby sound and Boomsound are big pluses for me over the s6. And the front camera is actually more important to me than the back camera because I use it more to video chat with relatives or my wife out of town far more than I snap pics. The M9 front cam is better than the one on the s6. So there are reasons to choose an M9 over an s6. They are both good phones though.

          1. Since he preferred HTC phones, the best upgrade for him must be the M8, a review from french tech site show that in game the HTC M8 runs with more framerate that the Throttled M9. The camera is better on M8, battery life too. And 350€ cheaper

          2. I believe you’re referring to an old review with a unit that didn’t have to the final software build. Every review and comparison I’ve seen said that the M9 is a slight improvement over the M8 in most areas. Even if the difference isn’t that big, why get the inferior product if given a choice?

          3. The Review is from march 28th, and judging by the throttling on the M9, it’s certainly the last firmware ( no overheating here). Most reviews comparing both devices, use to compare single benchmark or a few minutes ingame test, the comparison I’m talking about use to play game for a significant amount of time and measured both cpu frequences.

            The result is clear, a SD810 is less performant than a SD 801, when you use to play more than 3min.

            full comparison here: http://www.frandroid.com/marques/htc/275755_comparatif-one-m8-one-m9

            Why get the inferior product if given a choice? ;)

          4. I can’t read French, so I’ll have to take your word for it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the M9 is an inferior product based on that though. That single test doesn’t mean much outside of gaming or some heavy processing app. For day to day usage, even juggling several apps, the phone shouldn’t have to throttle and the performance would be better.

            It is something worth considering though. I hope more people put head to head reviews out between now and release. I also stand by my stance that the cam claims are being overblown. I’ve seen several comparisons between the M9, s6, and iphone 6 and the M9 is most definitely the worst out of the three, but it’s not nearly as horrible as people are making it. On top of that, people who actually know how to adjust settings have said that you can do thinks to eliminate most of those problems. Although, I believe you shouldn’t have to do that. I don’t know. Saying that the M8 is superior to the M9 seems to be a bit much, but we’ll see for sure closer to release.

            Edit: M9 cam is garbage for video though.

          5. Ho and, look at photographies in the test, the M9 camera is a mess.

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