OnePlus’s “game-changing” announcement isn’t a games console — it’s a drone, apparently


oneplus game changer start

OnePlus really threw us for a loop. They’ve been teasing a “game-changing” announcement for a couple of weeks now. “Start a new game.” “For the fun of it.” “You’re in control.” They even used a photo of a pair of hands seemingly holding an invisible gaming controller for that last one.

oneplus game changer control

Surely this can be nothing other than a gaming console, right? Wrong — well, wrong according to OnePlus’s Carl Pei, anyway. The company nonchalantly confirmed in an Ask Me Anything session on reddit that they’d be revealing a gaming drone dubbed the DR-1. Carl Pei even posted a convincing branding image for the thing:

oneplus dr-1 drone

But even though this information is coming from the horse’s mouth, we’re going to take this one with a grain of salt for a few different reasons.

  1. We’re dangerously close to April Fools day.
  2. We’ve never seen a company tease an announcement and then “leak” their own information.
  3. It’s OnePlus.
  4. It’s OnePlus.

Those last couple of points weren’t duplicated in err — this company’s marketing tactics have been questionable since their conception, and we wouldn’t put anything past them. We’re electing to wait until that April-scheduled announcement before we put all our eggs into the “drone” basket, but this is the story they’re dishing out in the interim. You guys believe them?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They can’t even get their phone on track..now they want to move unto other projects….that’s half assed if you ask me….get the first project right

    1. The drone will fly an invite for your phone purchase straight to your doorstep.

      1. Naw, just the invite to buy one

  2. picking a drone of all things?? this has to be an april fools joke

  3. Um, ok…

    1. makes no sense….

      1. Yeah, I gotta agree with the April Fool’s thing.

  4. All of these OnePlus “announcements” make this company seem like the next Notion Ink on this site. Just…let it go.

    1. Right except unlike notion ink, they’ve delivered a really good product to hundreds of thousands of people

      1. and OnePlus has delivered to…Million(s)

  5. A game console, watch or tablet would be logical. If they can’t mass produce fast enough to keep with demand then a niche market like drones makes more sense.

    1. I dont know anyone going to buy a drone, let alone one from a company who passes out invited to buy their stuff

  6. Please die already!!! I hate you!!!

  7. I’d think a gaming tablet with good specs and a reasonable price would really get the ball rolling and If they took the invite system away that’d be cool too

  8. Too bad they decided on a drone

  9. DUMB

  10. A drone would make a lot of sense in the technology age we’re in right now. However, a drone product will make sense EOY 2015 or 2016, while a watch, console or phone makes sense now.

    If they’re truly going for a drone, it would be a very bold move, and the device would have to be really worth the price tag, since there are plenty of fairly well settled drone companies out there already. I’ve been meaning to get a DJI or another drone this year, but I wouldn’t hesitate to put my money behind a OnePlus Drone.

    1. Well don’t worry about putting your money there until you get an invite after a 6 month wait

      1. Anyone can buy without an invite on Tuesdays. So what kind of knuckle dragger is waiting more than 6 days for an invite, and not just buying on the next Tuesday?

  11. I think it’s an old, old wooden ship used during Civil War times.

  12. Where’s the OnePlus Two?

    1. Actually, where’s Oxygen OS?

      1. Where’s that kid with my latte?!?

  13. Yeah, it’s a gaming console.

    1. …called Drone. It also hovers above your TV.

  14. They made a drone to deliver your invite =-O

  15. More than million one plus sold just from invitation. Its is one of the best phone I have used besides nexus

  16. Let’s see how much trouble they have getting this one off the ground. Buh-dum-tsss

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