T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge shipments starting to pop up for some lucky pre-orderers


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Did you happen to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from T-Mobile this past Friday? If so, be sure to start checking your doorsteps: some lucky souls are starting to receive their shipment early.

One lucky XDA user posted shots of the unit he was lucky to receive as early as 8am Saturday morning. Early shipments aren’t unheard of, especially when it comes to T-Mobile. The company typically sends them out as soon as they can, though Samsung’s wishes of a global April 10th launch might mean this is simply an error.

Either way, if there is even the tiniest chance that your device could go out sooner than expected then you won’t want to miss it, so keep your eye on your doorstep leading up to the big day (and that goes for the rest of you non-Magenta users, too).

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  1. I ordered the regular S6, white 128GB capacity, nothing to report here!

  2. Mine will be here tomorrow

  3. It appears that mine is in the mail and should be here the 1st.

  4. I ordered mine this Saturday with express shipping. Called today and they said it could be two weeks now but they are hopeful they will get more shipments from samsung before then!! I will get credit on my account for shipping if it comes late

  5. Pre-ordered the edge on Friday, and looks like I’ll get it on the 1st… unless that’s some sort of cruel joke :/

  6. My 32gb Edge will be here tomorrow. :-)

  7. I got my 128gb S6 Edge this morning, been playing with it all day!

    1. Samsung said apps install instantly on their UFS 2.0 memory, is it true?

      1. I hadn’t heard that before, but after reading your comment I did think that reinstalling all my (+100) apps went very fast. I tested by installing and updating a couple apps, their download speed was about the same, and while they didn’t install “instantly”, it did only list the installing phase for 2 seconds at most (very fast).

        1. 2 seconds, wow, very good! Dang 100 apps, which capacity did you get? I ordered the 128GB white one from T-Mobile, I intend to hold onto mine for at least 3yrs.
          Please share your initial thoughts.

          1. Keep in mind, I did in NO way perform a scientific test. Just downloaded a couple apps I hadn’t yet downloaded, and updated a couple others, and then observed, but it did seem to go through the install phase much faster than my nexus 5. I also got a 128gb version, the black sapphire edge (which doesn’t look as blue as I thought it has looked in pictures, which I like).

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