Here’s where you can buy the HTC One M9 online for Sprint, AT&T or unlocked today


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March 27th has finally arrived, folks — this is the day you can buy an HTC One M9. We’ve already asked which of the two big heavy hitters for 2015 you’re buying, and if you voted for HTC’s pride and joy then here’s where and how you can buy it. There are two routes you can go:

Without contract

T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T variants for the HTC One M9 in Gunmetal Grey and Silver are available for $649.99 each. The developer edition, which ships with an unlockable bootloader, can be had in those same colors for the same price. There’s also the network-unlocked edition that will come in Grey, Silver and Gold options for

With contract

Only AT&T and Sprint are offering the device with contract for shipping today. T-Mobile will offer it at some point down the line, while Verizon has no current plans to offer the device through HTC’s online store (though we know they will be holding an early April launch of their own).

AT&T has it for $200 on a two-year contract or $23.64 per month through AT&T Next 24. Meanwhile, Sprint will offer it for the same price on-contract, and $20 per month for 24 months through Sprint Easy Pay.

You can take a look at all of these options by starting at HTC’s online storefront right here. Let us know if you order one!

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  1. Does the developer edition work with T-Mobile? The unlocked version?

  2. ordered my sprint m9 only to get an email 20 minutes later saying: “Thank you for ordering on HTC. Unfortunately, one or more of the
    products you ordered is currently out of stock and could not be shipped.
    The product(s) has been placed on backorder and will be shipped as soon
    as stock becomes available. You will receive another email notification
    when your order has actually shipped.”


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