Test drive the HTC One M9 at select Best Buy locations, see for yourself if it’s worth the hype


HTC One M9 wild 1

Sometimes seeing is believing. When it comes to the HTC One M9, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful Android devices to date (it has been since the One M8). The premium aluminum materials, 2-tone finish, and polished edges, pick one up and you’ll feel the difference right away. HTC knows this and it’s why you’ll soon be able to give the One M9 a whirl at your local Best Buy.

We know, everyone has been coming down kind of hard on HTC for nearly recycling last year’s design. But it’s not entirely unheard of in mobile. Take a look at the last few Sony Xperia flagships, LG’s devices, or even Samsung’s, and you’ll have a hard time telling them apart from their latest. We loved the way the HTC One M9 felt in the hand when we played around with it at Mobile World Congress and quite honestly, we think you will too.

If you’re on the fence about which new Android to buy this year — the HTC One M9 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge — it seems Best Buy has you covered. For store availability (you’ll want to call ahead of time to make sure they have a display set up), you can check out Best Buy’s HTC One M9 landing page here.


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Here’s where you can buy the HTC One M9 online for Sprint, AT&T or unlocked today

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  1. All I”m saying is the HTC One M9 looks and feels like sex in the hand. Same goes for last year’s model. I think it’s smart of them to put as many units as they can in Best Buys for people to see for themselves.

    1. So does it feel much better than the M8 in the hand? Because I love my M8 but am considering buying the M9. They really should try to get HTC displays in every store they can to promote the product.

      1. I like the polished sides, it makes it easier to grip without a case. It also feels much lighter, not like it’s going to slip out onto the floor. The front looks nicer too because they removed that plastic rim from the One M8. It’s just such a nice phone to look at (if you’re into that sorta thing).

        1. Yea, I’m into that sort of thing…lol I’m going to have to get to a Best Buy asap. Thanks for sharing.

        2. Are you saying the M9 is easier to hold? If you’re saying the M8, that phone is unusually slippery. I can’t keep a firm grasp on my M8 unless I have a case on. Now I have a skin with no case and this is working.

          1. Yeah, the M9 is much easier to hold. Much grippier. M8 was HORRIBLE. It’s like it was coated in teflon or something. Lol

          2. +1 and also because it is a bit smaller than the m8 it feels like it hit a good sweet spot. Just my 2 cents

    2. I’m such a firm believer on playing with a phone so you can decide for yourself. Reading reviews can only give you so much information since everyone has their own personal taste. I’m going to go play with it in the store, then come home and read some reviews on battery life, benchmarks and camera info before I decide though.

      1. Take some camera samples on the One M9, then Android Beam a few to your current Android device. Camera isn’t the best from what I’ve seen in mid to low light, but outdoor sunlight it’s fantastic.

        1. cant wait to see….I thought it was going to be great give how awesome the Toshiba lens is on the Lumia 1020. Guess it might end up going down to just software tweaking?? The 1020 has an awesome camera through and through.

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  2. Really? This phone was actually hyped? News to me!

    1. I was going to write the same comment. It’s a nice phone but there’s no hype at all. If you like the M9 I don’t see why you wouldn’t just get the M8.

      1. “Just get”? Well… if you’re on a budget, the M8. But if you have the money for it, might as well get the M9.

        I’m not tempted to upgrade to the M9. HTC is clearly stating that it’s just a minor hardware update. They’re admitting it with this design.

      2. yep. I’m using the M8 right now. I’ll either wait for HTC to update their Max or wait until next yr for the M10. If the S6 had front facing stereo speakers, I’d be all over it! The S6 is truly a substantial update!!

        1. Remember this is what everyone was saying with the s5 it wasn’t much different then the s4. Now HTC went and made the same mistake. The s6 is crazy nice but the screen size is to small for me. Same goes with the HTC M9.

  3. I’m not impressed!!

  4. I test drove the S6 Edge today at Best Buy for 30 minutes.

    I cannot explain this yet, but.. a 32GB phone had 15GB taken for the System. That left a mere 15gb free!! I was stunned,

    Nice phone, smaller than I thought.

    Wish I would have looked to see if the M9 was there, but ran out of time.

    1. What the f&ck? Why is half of the storage space already used up? There should be at least 23GB of usable space, no questions asked.

      1. I cannot explain. Guy and I at BB argued about it. He “thinks” it is the “Samsung Retail” app and I was like.. WTF, no way. These phones have minimal stock apps, no photos, no videos, 10 contacts, no music, no nothing. NO WAY the “Samsung Retail” app is using that much. Sure enough, the app was maybe 10mb plus maybe 400kb cache and 800kb data. Either way, let’s say 8GB for the System seems reasonable? Where the hell is the other 7GB? I simply could not account for it.

        So…. pretty scary as that was 32gb and no MicroSD as we know.

        1. wow that is crazy that its under a gig. When I worked there, Sammy and HTC both loaded up their phones with an endless amount of crap for us to run on the phones so people could do (and could not do) certain things. It is scary that the software is that heavy tho….I thought they were going to “dummy” touchwiz down a bit?

          1. Yeah, I cannot explain fully. But there were apps and such of course, but come on man, I plan to have 1000 photos, 50 vids, 150 apps, dozens of songs, emails, attachments, messages.. they have none of that and 15gb of “System” was used and 15GB “Free”.

          2. could not agree more! I’m going up this weekend.

        2. Such BS.

        3. Best Buy Mobile employee here. It’s retail mode buddy. You got no idea how much stuff they cram in there.

    2. could it be the demo software they throw on there?

      1. see below. I kind of address that.

    3. Keep in mind, the ones you try out have a bunch of retail demo software on there with videos, apps, and pictures that you won’t be getting with one out of the box, so the storage you see on the demo isn’t accurate to a new phone.

      1. Not so much. No videos, no photos, minimal contacts, only stock apps, no music, 10 messages, no nothing. They are real paired down. AND, the Retail Demo App deletes anything you do add as it cycles through it’s demo. So, it is not building up peoples content like vids and photos.

        But come on… 15gb even with a heavy Demo App? And as per below, it is not a big Demo App. Seems hinky.

        1. All of the video and content for the retail demo doesn’t show up in the normal storage settings. It’s just listed under misc files on there. Played with one today and the RetailMedia was taking up almost 4gb alone

          1. How did you find this info? I went into the Apps details and saw about – roughly – 10mb plus maybe 400kb cache and 800kb data. Where did you look to find that info?

            So wait…. “misc” is not part of “system” , correct? Misc is separate. Misc was not that big, System was massive. So would not that 4gb been in “misc” then. And then 11GB (which is still a lot) in System.

            To some degree the Samsung Retail Demo app makes some sense, but yet when I investigated it the best I could, Storage and App details, I still could not account for all of that 15GB for System.

          2. Just spoke with my friend at BB (old boss in mobile). He said there is not much media on the phone. He said it just appears to be a heavy UI that Sammy put on there. did not find anything under misc.

          3. I knew I should have taken a photo. System is in yellow, Free was in gray.

            So it almost sounds like he can see what I am reporting.

          4. The Galaxy S6 we played with at Mobile World Congress listed 6GB for System memory, the S6 Edge was 9GB. By comparison, the Galaxy S5 is only 5.4GB while the HTC One M9 was more than 15GB. Pretty insane.

          5. So IF all things were equal and the Best Buy phone had say 6GB for the Edge model, that would mean a Samsung Retail Demo app of 9GB? Is that even possible? Again, no research could prove out where 15GB was going, but nothing about Storage or App details uncovered anything more than the roughly 10mb plus maybe 400kb cache and 800kb data for the app. So…. where is this other 9GB going as it was not in “Misc” either.

            My bad for not taking a photo. I was thinking I should at the time, but I was hogging the display phone and left my phone in the car. My bad. System was a yellow bar, Free was a gray bar.

          6. Why is that? Why does HTC need so much storage to run it?

          7. I can confirm this actually. I worked there over a year and Sammy puts all of their demo load into a certain folder for their software to pull from.

    4. Aye I checked it out today, maybe it’s me but it feels to small, like too thin, and light, it’s kinda uncomfortable lol

      1. Damn for real? Thanks for letting me know

    5. 15GB is left because of all the bloatware from Samsung

  5. Could someone clear this up for me…
    Does the developer edition work with T-Mobile? The unlocked version?

    The specs on HTC’s site don’t list the LTE bands used by any US carriers, but I can’t believe that’s correct.

    1. Yes – both T-Mobile and AT&T LTE is fully supported.


      1. Thanks! I’m gonna try one out a Best Buy when I get the chance and order the Dev edition if I like it.

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