Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion will launch April 2nd


hearthstone blackrock mountain

Blizzard has announced that their highly-anticipated expansion pack for popular card game Hearthstone — dubbed Blackrock Mountain — will officially launch April 2nd. The previous launch window given was simply “next month” so we weren’t expecting it so soon after the calendar turns.

Blackrock Mountain will be handled similarly to Hearthstone’s first expansion Curse of Naxxramas. Cards will be released in the form of weekly “wings” where you will face a horde of enemies and bosses to unlock new cards.

There will be 5 wings total, and the new card count sits at a comfortable 31. Each wing costs $6.99, but those who don’t mind parting ways with in-game gold can also buy them for 700g. There’s also the option of preordering the entire lot for $24.99, a move that will net you an exclusive Blackrock-themed card back.

Blackrock Mountain centers around the neverending struggle between Dragons and the other fiery evils that claim the volcano as their home, all the while disturbing the covenant of dwarfs in the taverns throughout. As such, the Dragon card classification will get a vast majority of the attention here as Blizzard looks to add new cards to that pool and create a lot more synergy for those who prefer to play them.

Sounds like an exciting change of pace that should affect the meta in a big way once all the cards are made available. Be sure to download Hearthstone for your Android tablet right here (it’s free to play) if you aren’t already addicted.

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  1. Still upset that I can’t play this on my Nexus 6. I mean, it’s practically a tablet.

  2. Hearthstone is on Android!? Since when? Is this a PC game? I’m trying to migrate to that in preparation of a new PC later this year.

    1. On Android tablets. I have it on my Nexus 7 (2012) and it barely runs.

  3. I’ll be really ticked if this doesn’t come out for android phones. Blizzard has already confirmed its going to be smartphones and tablet pc

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