HTC CEO Peter Chou steps down, say hello to Cher Wang


peter chou and cher wang

Remember back at HTC’s Mobile World Congress event where they unveiled the HTC One M9? Peter Chou, the company’s rock star CEO, shared a fair bit of stage time with a woman named Cher Wang, who was then known as the Chairperson for HTC’s board of directors and the co-founder of the company. She helped Chou unveil the HTC One M9 with a degree of glee that only a truly happy woman was capable of showing.

And now we know why she was so happy: she’s been named the new CEO of HTC. HTC announced the news this morning as they looked to publicize some long-awaited corporate restructuring.

Before assuming this is some sort of backlash for Chou in the wake of what many of you consider a lackluster follow-up to one of 2014’s best phones, HTC reveals they’ve been working toward this transition for at least a couple of years. Wang had already been heavily involved in day-to-day management of HTC’s business, while Chou had taken a more hands-on approach with new product development.

That would explain HTC’s recent evolution from being just a smartphone company to being a technology company. They made the first move with the HTC Re Camera last year, and looked to capitalize on that with the launches of the HTC Re Vive VR headset and the Under Armour-powered HTC Re Grip fitness band a short couple of weeks ago.

As such, Peter Chou isn’t going anywhere — he’s still with HTC in a big way. He is heading up the future development labs for the company, and will continue to be the driving influence behind the phones, tablets and accessories HTC makes going forward.

As for Cher Wang, she will continue doing what she’s always done — be very good at business. Forbes ranked her as the 54th most powerful woman in the world recently, and she has been widely recognized as being one of the most influential women in tech. Her roles in creating and growing VIA Technologies and HTC a couple of decades ago should quell any fears (within HTC or otherwise) that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. is she the one taking acid and OK’ing these crazy commercials?? or is that just Robert Downey Jr?

    1. Or was it Peter Chou?

      1. touche….maybe this got him ejected

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          1. its easy to delete comments @dilen poup but remember, when you respond, it shows up in that persons email like it just did. go suck a d1ck

      2. Peter Chou becomes Peter Chewbacca when you’re on acid. Hairiest CEO of all time.

    2. lolll @ taking acid…

  2. Herrooooo Cher Wang…

  3. So chou was basically replaced by a wang.. Lol

  4. Finally out with the old in with the new!

  5. This man needs to be completely removed if HTC is going to survive. For him to continue to have a say in present and future HTC products is quite sad. This company has so much potential, but it keeps misfiring every yr.

    The useless “black bar” issue aside, the M7 was great start. The M8 could have been better if not for the so so camera. And now, the M9, which to most people, looks like the M8. On top of that, no updated phablet, and no midrange offering across all carriers for North America.

    Let’s hope Cher Wang can do something better for HTC.

    1. The M9 Plus is a phablet being announced soon. The black bar isn’t useless and it needs to be there if you want such deep full sound, it’s where the display drivers sit and it’s actually on every single device you’ve ever used and if you sit and think about it you’ll understand what those of us who realize this know… Think about it

      1. Man think About this, HTC was able to put dual speakers on the M7 and capacitive buttons in that black space, now I and alot of people were happy with what the M7 sounded like, they shoulda have said if we wanna go with on screen buttons screw adding amps And wiring behind that space, let’s just trim in down significantly, the M7 sounded good enough, or if they really need that space keep the capacitive buttons. They worked like a charm

        1. Yea, but the M8 sounds better. =.3
          And I bet the M9 sounds even better.

          The black bar honestly doesn’t bother me that much. Mainly because I use gestures to turn on and off my screen. So I rarely use the power button anyways.

          One-handed operation is tough, but that was the case way back when I had the GS2 (Sprint). So I’m used to not being able to use one hand.

          I also don’t think the design is bad. It looks nice with the screen off.

          1. I am very aware of the sound of the m8 I own it, I was talking about what they coulda sacrificed for beauty, the M7 sounded well enough

          2. My son’s M7 sounds so much better than my wife’s and I M8s..

          3. I highly doubt that lol, my m7 don’t even sound better than my M8

        2. The M8 sound better, louder on both the speaker and headphones jack. The M8 has more power handling on the headphone jack then any other cellphone. So ya that blackbar help a lot

          1. Dude I own the M8 , I am very aware of its audio capabilities, I’m just saying I was kool with the sound M7, to wear they could have possibly did something about that black bar. That’s my my opinion

    2. God Damn you still talking about the blackboard? Look up ifixit and see that it is not empty. The only one talking about it are uneducated troll, like you I guess.

      1. Kinda hard to take you seriously when you confuse with

      2. How’s the fish biz at Chợ Lớn?? I know a lot of people from the MK Delta who talk like you.

  6. I been saying they need to get at Peter Chou about his decisions…. I remember one of the worst decisions he made that hurt HTC, what is was spring of 2012 they released a 16gig non expandable memory varient of the one X, for att, a cheaper version for Sprint and TMobile, and like a one X with a kickstand for verizon, something like that, while Samsung released 1 flagship across the board with expandable memory and removable battery… In 2012, that was a big deal, and ever since then people been like, Samsung was the go to phone without even considering HTC. Get Peter Chou out of there

    1. You were right, hTC One X was my last hTC product.

      1. The abomination that is the HTC Thunderbolt was my last HTC product. Everything that could go wrong on a phone went wrong with that phone.

        1. First LTE phone, yeah, I can imagine it not being very stable or rock-solid. Honestly, I blame Verizon and their LTE implementation at the time, which was basically like running two radios. Took us a while to get to more efficient LTE+CDMA implementations.

          Personally, 2012 was a dark time for HTC. The fact that the Samsung S3 released everywhere was a game-changer. I had to pick between the S3 and the One S on T-Mobile… it was no contest. Didn’t even like the S3 that much, it was just the best phone that T-Mobile offered at the time.

          HTC certainly made some missteps with the Thunderbolt, One X/S/V, and arguably ever since the Sensation in 2011, but they’ve been good again ever since the M7 in 2013 (which only had the purple camera issue for a while and was fixed eventually.)

          1. I swear to god my last two HTC devices were nothing but disaster. My first ever
            HTC’s WP phone was the HTC HD7, no front camera, slow phone and not to
            mention lags almost in every app, then I went with the BB Bold 1, was
            ok. Then I decided to give htc another chance with the M7. Horrendous
            camera especially with the pink dot at the upper right corner of every
            picture I took with that phone. After those two terrible experiences
            with HTC, I told myself no more HTC. But its good to hear they are
            making changes to their CEO. Hope for the best for them, but still no
            more HTC for me.

          2. HTC did free camera replacements after the issues were confirmed. Newer camera modules didn’t have any issues. Got my M7’s camera fixed and sent back to me. They also gave the option of sending refurbished devices if you didn’t want to wait for your specific phone to come back.

          3. Did they? lol I didn’t even know until now. Well, can’t deny the fact that they have good customer service, just a bit too late to resolve the issue, especially after selling faulty products to their customers. its like trying to put out a bushfire with a cup of water- doesn’t help. Just out of curiosity what phone are you using? lol. currently using a note edge and thinking of changing to a new phone end of next month lol

          4. I’m actually still using the M7, it’s the best phone I’ve ever used. Considering going with the gunmetal M9, but the only things holding me off right now are availability and the fact that I could probably just get a secondary phone for $200-300 to hold me over until the M10. Or I might sell the M9 and use Uh-Oh’s $100 off on the M10. I’m still figuring out what makes the most financial sense. I *could* make it a 3rd year with my M7, since I’m still happy with it and it’s running flawlessly, but I don’t want to risk the battery life degrading or anything, so I want to get something else.

          5. Cool, I have no doubt the M7 can hold up for another year for you, just maybe not the internal lol, but yea. I want the fingerprint on the iPhone tho, but no Apple product for me, they are gold diggers. haha.

          6. Hm, never cared for fingerprint sensors. They don’t do anything for me. I don’t use a lockscreen on my phone, and I’m pretty fast at typing out my passwords.

            And yeah, my M7 is running Sense 7 and Lollipop 5.0.2 right now, but I’m more concerned with reducing my usage on it so that it stays in good condition for the future. I plan on keeping the M7 long after I’m done using it, just like I still have my Nexus One and my G1. I might spend $250-ish on an M8, a OnePlus One, or an iPhone 5S for the next year.

        2. I swear my last two HTC devices were nothing but disaster. My first ever HTC’s WP phone was the HTC HD7, no front camera, slow phone and not to mention lags almost in every app, then I went with the BB Bold 1, was ok. Then I decided to give htc another chance with the M7. Horrendous camera especially with the pink dot at the upper right corner of every picture I took with that phone. After those two terrible experiences with HTC, I told myself no more HTC. But its good to hear they are making changes to their CEO. Hope for the best for them, but still no more HTC for me.

    2. Expect he will be head of product development. Did you even understand that? Battery and SD was never important for the majority of the consumer. Apple has shown that time and time again.

      1. Do you understand the CEO can kick a product back if they don’t like it, Peter Chou can develope what he want, but it don’t mean HTC will sell it….. And in 2012 like I clarified, those features was a major deal for the android community, F Apple

        1. No it was not even at 2012. You think Samsung suppasser everyone because of that? Oh that they spend 9 billion dollar on marketing in 2012.

          1. Nope, it was the missing features, because HTC seemed to be the face of android, if HTC would have gave all carriers the same flagship, with at least 32 gigs and expandable memory then they woulda have never fell off so bad, heck they could have made the oneX+ the flagship phone for 2015 for all carriers, they would have been ok… But they didn’t

          2. Unlike Samsung, HTC is small and did not have the availability to release their phone on all carrier. Samsung and Apple were the only two companies that the carriers. Sprint did not want the one x because the Evo brand was still strong. The carriers are the buyer and in 2012 they wanted their own branded phone.
            HTC decline start in 2011 where they had those two things and they still sold less then Samsung.

          3. Man it’s a dam banding, look at the motorola atrix and whateva droid it was at the time for Verizon, practically same Phone different name, they could have easily slapped on a kickstand to the OneX and called it a evo, plus nobody wanted to be stuck with a 16gig non expandable phone, that’s why att didn’t manage to sell very many of them, 1 oneX with 32 and 64 gig options, put a kickstand on one varient call it a evo for sprint and verizon, release them across the board and they woulda had a better 2012, Yes they were capable then, keep in mind I been buying HTC since the inspire for att, but even I can see stupid choices they made, I wont defend thier ignorance

          4. The Evo 4g LTE has an SD card and still sold less then S3 on Sprint. Evo 4g LRE was a One X with different branding. 2012 was then Samsung spend 9 billion on marketing.

  7. I remember I interviewed with hTC design department few years back when their stock was at the highest point. Man, were they bunch of arrogant people who think they can do anything. Just looking at their stock value now and thought that my decision not working for them was correct =)

  8. ? Do you believe in life after Chou ?

  9. So no one here read the article? Chou is not leaving he is now on the product development side.
    God Danny the HTC hate here is unbelievable. If you are going hate something at least read the Cambridge thing

    1. God damn it, Danny!! Every f&$king time!! We read the article. Whether or not he’s leaving has nothing to do with bad decisions he made in his previous position a few years ago. He was head of the company when they were made and some people think that it was his screw-up in the end.

      1. Err no, people here are say that it is good for he not CEO, guess what he is head of product development, that means he will be more involved in make new product.
        He was also the head of HTC when they make record profit.
        HTC profits are down because they can compete when Samsung or Apple, no one can compete with them. Samsung profit is down but still make more money then everyone else expect Apple.
        People like you are stupid.

        1. Why don’t you Ngo and f$&k yourself?

          Don’t call me stupid for pointing out that he was right there when things were going bad as well. The fact that he was there when things were going well doesn’t change anything. Dumba$$.

          1. It is funny, because he is not leaving. You don’t know what a CEO does do you? He is heading new products development. Do you know what that mean? You are stupid for thinking that he leaving the company. He is help with NEW PRODUCTS retard.

          2. (facepalm) I know he’s not leaving the company. Even if I did that wasn’t the point that I was making.

            You are definitely English-challenged because you’re not expressing yourself properly nor are you understanding anything I’m saying correctly in the context of my comments.

          3. 1. Learn how to write in English properly.

            2. I never said jack sh!t about him leaving. You’re impossible to talk to because you don’t understand English well enough to have a discussion in this manner on a topic like this.

  10. “…compete when Samsung or Apple, no one can compete with them…” And he’s the stupid one? If everyone had your mentality we would all have Galaxies and Idevices, BUT WE DON’T. Just like those are the big dogs now, there was someone else previously that is no longer a factor. The market changes frequently, and my thought is those relatively small Chinese companies are going to take over in time.

  11. Must hire new marketing firm.

  12. Heh Heh Heh, He said WANG, Beavis Heh Heh Heh

  13. ok Wang, you better get us a totally different looking M10 next year, thanks !

  14. This dude should have been out years ago

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