HTC and Valve team up to make the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset [VIDEO]


HTC Vive

A lot of what HTC has announced at MWC has been expected, but one thing that wasn’t expected was a virtual reality headset. It makes perfect sense, of course. Everyone from Microsoft to Samsung is getting into the VR game. HTC teamed up with Valve to create their VR headset, and it looks pretty dang cool.

It’s called the “HTC Vive.” It offers a 90Hz refresh rate and they built it to be very light so it can be worn for a long time. It will have a wireless controller that will help you interact and manipulate objects in the virtual reality environment. Valve teased the device last week and said more details will come at GDC, which is also happening this week. Expect to hear more about HTC Vive soon. In the meantime you can check out their awesome website.

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  1. Praise lord Gaben

  2. I wouldn’t say unexpected I saw at least two posts about it in the last week although no information was really given besides the fact it would be valve and htc making a vr headset

  3. Monstrosity

  4. VR sounds awesome to me but I will wait sometime to see how it develops.

  5. So like HL3 really confirmed this time?1

  6. HTC has fallen behind recently in the mobile wars and this could potentially be the thing brings them back in the game.

  7. This could be a huge hint on what Valve is planning next!

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