Apple plans to steal more Android customers by accepting their trade-ins


galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

One annoyance for many folks looking to leave the Android camp is that they can’t trade their device in if they plan to do their business at the Apple store — Apple only ever cared to buy back their own phones and tablets. A new rumor suggests that could be changing, though.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is looking to introduce a trade-in system for folks who might own Android and Windows Phone devices. The process will be just like your typical trade-in at any retail store or carrier: you take your phone in, they give you a trade value based on its condition, and you decide whether you want to keep your device or fork it over for store credit.

You’re probably vomiting at the thought of letting Apple judge the value of a device that wasn’t conceived within their Cupertino halls. Believe me, I’m with you. But the company partners with BrightStar to monitor the trade-in values for their own products, and there’s no reason that partnership wouldn’t extend here (in fact, we’d say it’s almost necessary for Apple to team up with existing trade-in valuation companies to execute this ambitious undertaking).

Apple’s already had themselves an unfathomable quarter, and giving Android users an easier way to transition certainly won’t hurt. Would you or anyone you know be more willing leave Android and give the “dark side” a shot through the sheer ease of being able to swap your hardware at one destination?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. First! Haha apple sucks!

  2. And Android sellers will continue to accept iPhones when those users come back…

  3. haha yeah that’ll happen…

  4. I’m going to be seeing more iPhone users soon

    1. A lot more.

      1. I don’t think so.

  5. the difference is that most iphone trade ins will be valued higher than most android trade ins just because of resell value. so if u have an iphone and are looking to go android, ur prolly gonna save a nice chunck of change. goin from android to iphone, you will prolly keep ur android and just buy an iphone. that is if u still want it. the transition from iphone to android will still be the most attractive in my book, but who knows, there may be a big group that wants to try the new iphones out.

    1. Homie…you just reciting from that article on CNET….

  6. As my mother used to say (of a big fancy house): “You couldn’t afford the upkeep.”

  7. Never I love my Samsung Galaxy s3. Google Android never

    1. Huh?

      1. That’s right never now done

      2. I’m assuming another case of Google Translate. I believe they’re trying to say “Never!! I love my Samsung Galaxy S3. Google Android!!” I think the last never was *never* meant to be there.

        It’s that, or do they even English?

      1. OMG!! I’m dying over here!!

  8. Whether users return to Android or not…the matter is that this will simply make it easier for folks to try the “New iPhone”… You gotta admit..Apple’s Marketing is Top Notch…

  9. What happens to the phones after Apple buys them? Surely they don’t resell them. Do they salvage the precious metals? Surely Apple’s profit margin isn’t high enough to be buying out competitor’s phones and throwing them out…

    1. They would probably sell them to another seller or something. I doubt Apple would put them up for resale.

      1. You think Apple reintroduces the used Android phones back into the market? The purpose of buying out competitor’s phone is to dominate the market, right? If you reintroduce the Android phone, you just end up diluting the market.

        1. Then what would they do with it? Scavenging it for parts seems ridiculous. I can imagine that they can buy those parts cheaper than buying the phone just for parts.

          It would be a waste of money to do nothing with them.

          1. Yes, that’s why I was asking the question… Thank you for re-asking my question.

          2. My added info went against what you said. You stated they would salvage them, yet I stated it doesn’t make sense for them to. That would seem like a waste of money.

            That would make me believe they’ll buy back the phone at a ridiculously low price.

            I think we need to call Scooby and the gang. Seems like we have a mystery on our hands.

    2. Apple will reuse old Android phones for upcoming iPhone 6S since specs will be the same like 2GB DRAM.

      1. They are going to stamp an apple on the back then sue the maker for copyright infringement.

    3. “But the company partners with BrightStar to monitor the trade-in values for their own products, and there’s no reason that partnership wouldn’t extend here”

  10. This is bad news for Android. They already have sunk below 40% market share in the States. Once, they were around 60%. This is going to probably drop Android to the low 30’s.

    1. android in the states do not matter.
      its all about the next billion. to which apple eats…15% of that pie.
      everything else is android. dont be so doom and gloom.

      1. Yeah but Google will not make any money on that “next billion”. Like it or not Google only make money on meaningful money on the first world and predominantly still the US.

    2. Where are you getting this? As of last month, both Android and iOS were right about 47-48% marketshare in the US.

    3. And Androids worldwide market share ticked up to just over 81% in an article I read a few weeks ago. The iPhone is not endanger of going away anytime soon though. It has a way too fanatical and rabid user base for that to happen. But if you actually believe that Android smartphones are in danger of losing out to the iPhone then you must be a member of that fanatical and rabid user base because that isn’t even close to reality.

  11. Every time I use an iphone, I find less and less to like. No swype keyboard, no swappable battery, no microCD card . .and I am paying top dollar.
    My mother water wrecked her Note 4, and decided to switch back to apple. She first noticed the screen was smaller, then I told her I was taking the MicroSD card because her new phone could not use it . . it was one thing after the next.
    And I suspect since she bought the 16GB version, she will run out of memory . .

    1. You know apple has swype now right? And with Samsung moving away from SD cards and removable batteries in their flagship your arguments are kinda dated lol.

      1. You know you can go back to BGR with stating the obvious/complete BS and expecting people to think you’re smart, right?

        Samsung isn’t the only Android device manufacturer either, genius. Don’t know if you’ve heard of HTC, LG or Sony but some of them have microSD card slots in their devices (even if they don’t have removable batteries). The fact that not all of them have both or even one doesn’t make his argument invalid.

        The day Apple actually makes SwiftKey work as well on an iPhone as it does on both modern and older Android devices is the day Steve Jobs freezes hell over and charges people $50/hour to skate on the ice.

        EDIT: I meant $500/hr. Let’s face it, we’re talking about Steve Jobs here.

        Remember these things next time you feel like being a wiseguy about things without thinking it through.

        1. You should really take a chill pill, the guy he was responding to specifically compared the iPhone to a Galaxy Note 4 , hence why he mentioned Samsung. Sounds like your taking what he said to heart , jeez its only a phone.

          1. Let him stand on his soap box. Anyone reading the thread realises he did not understand the arguments being presented by either party before he started his rant.

      2. No . . .Other Android smartphone makers still have MSD cards and removable batteries . . Apple may have swype . . it was not installed on the phone that was presented to me at a party . . I take it you use a third party app . .
        Still does not explain why I should pay more for less . . .
        Samsung pay, for example, may sound like apple pay. however, unlike apple pay, which relies on NFC (very hard to get stores to accept)…SP will be as widespread as credit cards . .

        1. Samsung pay – I thought you just said you want swappable battery and MSD. Samsung Pay only works on latest Samsung devices. Also Samsung pay has not been forthcoming in whether or not it tracks and shares data – Apple have categorically stated they do not so there are a lot of question marks around Samsung Pay…..but since you discounted it I guess it wont affect you anyway.

          1. Is your last name real? How does it get by sensors?

      3. All of those things are on the Note 4, which just dropped a few months ago. It’s arguably just as much a Samsung flagship as an iPhone 6 Plus is an Apple flagship, so until the Note 5 comes out without the aforementioned perks, I think it’s fair to say that they’re all still in play. You’re right about Swype though.

  12. They will have to pry my Nexus 6 from my cold dead hand. Crapple can suck it….

    1. I’m with you. Loving my Nexus 6 paired with my moto 360.

  13. “The process will be just like your typical trade-in at any retail store or carrier: you take your phone in, they rip you a new one” I fixed it for you. And this sounds like desperation or Apple’s attempt to be like Target, Best Buy, etc. and accept trade in on any hardware.

  14. Guess I’m not seeing the problem. If someone wants to go, more power to them. At least they can get something for the phone they bought. I deal with Apple products all day for my job and can’t see myself ever making that switch, but if someone wants to, let them get coin for their phone and move on. If Android makers want to keep customers, gotta build products to keep them. One of the biggest annoyances from casual Android owners I know (not those of us who frequent these sites) is having to constantly order things online like cases etc unless their Android phone isn’t made by Samsung. There is barely any retail presence and since there are limited form factors for Apple, they will always have that in their favor. People will build for them because people will buy them and they don’t have to make a ton of different versions that might not sell.

    To some people, a phone is just a phone, not a camp to fight for. People jump back and forth between the two all of the time. Might as well get something for it although ebay, swappa or gazelle would be a better choice to get more for your trade in.

  15. “Would you or anyone you know be more willing leave Android and give the “dark side” a shot through the sheer ease of being able to swap your hardware at one destination?”

    I’m hoping to get an iPhone in a few months but even with this I wouldn’t be able to afford one outright, I’ll stick to a contract.

    1. You’ve done the math of a MVNO and buying a phone outright vs contract pricing? Unless you are taking about the upfront costs, then there is an obvious benefit of the contract pricing. My suggestion would be to buy a used or year old phone and save up the cash to upgrade yourself. Just giving my .02 after making the switch 2 years ago and convincing about 10 other friends/family to follow suit.

      1. Yeah upfront cost. I want a 5s which I can get for £30 a month brand new, or buy a second hand one for £290…contract it is!

  16. Glad Apple dropped that ugly squared off sides and tiny display for adopting Samsung characteristics.

  17. Apples going to be like gamestop when it comes to trade ins for Android phones.

    Brand new htc m9? $50, store credit lol.

  18. Good luck with that… I’ll never switch

  19. Apple doesn’t have to debase itself reselling these phones. It is a desperate Blackberry move.

  20. I always bust out laughing when I walk past the Apple store. I couldn’t imagine stepping foot in there.

  21. It sounds to me like Apple is a bit concerned after seeing the newest flagships from both Samsung and HTC. Obviously the current iPhone cannot compete with the S6, S6 Edge and M9 and this won’t be an issue for them as far as their most deluded user base is concerned. They want to continue to grow their user base though (at least in the U.S. which is the only place it grows) and the new Android flagships stand to put the breaks on any growth they have seen since introducing the larger iPhone 6. There have even been comments from current iPhone 6 users on S6 (& edge) and M9 articles that have been saying that one or the other is the Android based phone they have been waiting for and they are now ready to ditch their iPhone. Apple ‘s smartphone market share has only seen healthy growth within the U.S. and if that growth slows, stops and even slips, it will be a disaster as far as Apple is concerned. They have always been afraid that the day might come when the flood gates will open in the wrong direction for them and that day may now be not too far off. This marketing gimmick is an attempt (flaccid and desperate) to stave off their worst nightmare. God forbid they actually have to go back to the drawing board and do some real innovation to try and compete.

  22. They wouldn’t pay enough. No trade in program does. I think Verizon quoted me a maximum of $200 for my Nexus 6. Then again they may be right about that one…On a related note, bought an unlocked iPhone 6 the other day from the apple store. Software isn’t what I’m used to but at least it works, and hey if it doesn’t I can walk right back into the apple store and get it either repaired or replaced on the spot. As opposed to sending a phone away for weeks and hoping you don’t get sent back a used one…

  23. 1) I really can’t stand iOS. As funny as it sounds, the simple fact that the “back” button has to be built into the app (and is usually in the top left corner) drives me completely insane, and there are a host of other small things that drive me nuts as well.

    2) Given that Apple has made strides to make iOS closer to Android, why would I switch over to what seems like an inferior copy, in many ways? Customization is the reason I’m with Android, and it’s still much better at that than iOS.

    3) My girlfriend switched to an iPhone last year (5S, because she wanted a small phone), and absolutely hates it. Given the issues she has with her phone, and my own experiences with it, there’s no attraction to switching over.

    4) If design were a factor, I would choose the S6/Edge over any iPhone, any time. I have an old M7 which I also prefer to the current iPhone designs, and would purchase an M9 before an iPhone as well. As it is, I have a Note 4, which offers functionality no other phone has, so again, no reason to switch.

    My assumption is that most people who would switch over have already done so in the last gen or two, so this probably won’t affect many people, but for the few that haven’t switched to iOS yet (that want to), this is a nice deal for them.

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